This blog had been through a lot of hard times since it began in 2010. Oh, no, it started in 2012. The first two years were just some sort of an experiment. The days when the word ‘blogosphere’ was famous, days when blogging was a bandwagon for the socialites, and just for those who want to share their goings-on in the world wide web. Days when SEO (Search Engine Optimization) was an intriguing, fascinating activity to engage in.

It was also those times when I started to share my journey in my hometown Davao and the city I was relocated to, Cebu City. When I was captivated with the city’s, fascinating, uncomplicated people, pleasurable food, concrete, black asphalt roads, world-class infrastructures–were better than that in my hometown, the women too, the Cebuanas, I was in love with–I shared all every detail all my journey in the Queen City of the South.

Then from there, I shared the food I ate, the places I’ve gone, people I’ve met, my personal rants about my job, about the politics in the office, my sentiments about being fired a lot of times.

When I came back to Davao, I too shared what my hometown has to offer in the culinary and tourism world. From bulcachong and kinilaw to Malagos Resort and the Samal Island. Without even highlighting how peaceful, orderly, and clean the city was.

Eventually, I engaged all sorts of shenanigans in my blog. I engaged with SEO hacking like the black hat techniques, some soft p0rn, and even some unacceptable keywords included in the site in the eyes of Big Daddy Google. And this is when Big Daddy banned the first domain cebuanddavao.com.

Fast forward to 2016. The ‘Duterte’ keyword shocked the Web. I was too being astounded, considering the Presidential candidate’s outrageous, awestruck personality. He was ridiculously popular in the country. Blogs started to shift from whatever niche they were into politics. The keyword Duterte is the most searched keyword in Google, and most discussed in Facebook in 2016. I joined this opportunity, this lucrative, high traffic topic in the 2016 Presidential Elections. As a, well, a geek in search engine and social media world, I should not let this pass.

But I got bored. I even abandoned this blog for a little longer than a man’s jail time for possession of illegal drugs. The ‘Duterte’ keyword had gone down and sometimes had gone up and down again. It went up when he did a speech and it went down when there was no controversial news about him. Including the keyword Robredo, Trillanes, De Lima, Peter Lim, were also a trending keyword on Facebook and Twitter.

But still I got bored. It drained out my creativity. It did not make me productive. All you need to do is record Duterte’s speech in PTV’s Facebook Live, shrink that video a bit and put a watermark on, and there you have a little more than 100,000 views just in one day. You got the money but you’re not happy. You even received some hate speeches, which I absolutely have a very low tolerance with. I was not happy. This is not what I wanted to do. I now agree with the saying, money isn’t everything.

I remember the time when I first started as a newbie. I loved the feeling. The first article you wrote that you revised it so passionately to have your readers digest it well. The first trending essay, the first trending video about myself, the awards and prizes given to me by batangyagit.com and jehzlau-concepts.com. I remember Blogie Robillo, Viviene Coyne, Jehzeel laurnete and Winston Almendras. Times the Internet was not that complicated and competitive as it is today.

Maybe this time I can make it right. I just need to go back when I first started. Bringing back the passion. And so this is why this blog has a new beginning. Consider it as new. I apologize for the old contents that I need to get rid of. Sometimes you just let go the past. Even the good ones. We have our own false retrospect.

So now I will start to blog about my journey in Davao and Cebu once again. I need to. I have no chance as of yet to go farther than that. Maybe in the future. Who knows? But still I will call it as my Cebu and Davao journey, as it was how it all began. Sit tight. Join me in my ride. Let’s experience together what we will witness in these two beautiful cities, in how and wherever this will take us, so we forever cherish it and etch in our memories.