Vietnamese-inspired Chaolong: Pho, Pinoy Version (Anthony Bourdain Tribute)

Just imagine we are in the 60’s and Vietnam is still at war with the Americans in Saigon. Imagine too what the Philippines was like at those times. A little bit scary, maybe. But also maybe, it’s a beautiful world to live in with some beautiful food to eat, especially when this has to do with the history of the Vietnamese refugees in the Philippines, specifically in Palawan. Vietnam Refugees in Palawan taught Palawenyos how to cook their ever-traditional staple food, the Vietnam Pho. Vietnam Pho is a beef broth delicacy topped with rice noodles, beef meat, mixed with some garnishes like the green onions, basil, monggo sprouts, corriandar, and chili garlic sauce. Imagine we are in Davao and this food has already been introduced to the Dabawenyos, let’s say in the lates 60’s. Maybe this is the scenario. Just maybe.