Vietnam Pho In Davao At Little Nam

I went to this Vietnamese restaurant due to my curiosity. I heard they also offer Pho, so as to my own intrigue I came. What do they have that other Vietnamese restaurants don’t. What is it they can offer? I arrived at around twelve noon. I remember about it was very humid weather when I ordered their Pho Special. Pho Special is the Vietnam Pho. it’s just the name change, maybe because it’s one marketing strategy to include the ‘Special.’ Sure is a sell out. I was amazed. It was exactly what I have expected. Really close to the authentic. Even though I have not been to Vietnam or have not eaten the real Pho, I know the taste because I know the ingredients and cook it at home. So I know how Pho tastes like. It was more authentic than I expected. Of course. It wouldn’t be a Vietnamese restaurant if they are not experts in producing authentic pho. I loved it. The drawback is the price. It is way much expensive than any other Phos in Davao, I suppose. It’s 288 Pesos that big bowl, excluding the VAT or valued added tax they added to the bill. It seems like I’m going to come back here. So far this is the best Pho I’ve tasted. A big Pho in a small Vietnamese restaurant called Little Nam. Probably derived fromm the word VietNam, country that Nam means, taste.

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