Eat All You Can At Crabs Buffet, Davao

I’m not too excited when I hear the phrase ‘eat all you can’ or ‘buffet’ which means you serve yourself at a restaurant to eat, with no limit. Here at the Crabs Buffet or Glamor Resto N Caterer Restaurant, Padre Gomez St, just around Roxas avenue. But I’m not a fan of crabs, really. Because I’m lazy to open them. When using an instrument for eating meat it is for me an inconvenience. Because of my mother’s invitation, I planned to eat only their seafood except crabs. I expected the fresh tuna kinilaw, seaweeds and other fish delicacies. When we arrived and started eating, I was disappointed. Even though I tried their crabs that were opened for me, I just did not like the sauce. Why is there a sauce? Crabs are eaten by hands, why should you dress the crab with sauce so thick your hands get messy and sticky. How can you eat them all you can? You’ll have smelly hands. Nevermind. There are plenty of tissue on the table anyway.

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