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Police has arrested a suspect in conjunction with the bombing of Davao City late this week. The suspected bomb-maker was arrested in M’lang in North Cotabato province and there are still hunting for two other suspects who are said and believed to be linked with the recent bombing of night market in Davao City.

According to the police statement, the deadly bombing of Roxas Night Market last Friday which was said to be caused by an improvised explosive device with 60-mm mortar were believed to be built by students of Indonesian terrorist, Zulkifli Bnhir alias Marwan.

Marwan is known to have been killed in Mamasapano, Maguinadanao province last year according to police officials. The bombing has killed 14 persons and injured 70 others and has been a continuous hot debate among officials in the Philippines.

The spokesperson of North Cotabato Police Office based in Barangay Amas, Supt. Bernard Tayod said that the suspect, Jokrie Buisan has been arrested. The arrest has been after the police led a court-backed rain on a house in Barangay Dunguan in M’lang last Tuesday.

The raid was in response of Special Investigation Task Forces of the PNP who are looking for similarities between the styles of culprit who bombed Davao City and to the group affiliated with Marwan who is known to be a veteran bomb maker in Central Mindanao.

There are two more suspects who have eluded arrest and are still at large which were identified as Anwar and Guiamandel Sandigan, siblings who are also known as the notorious students of Marwan.

Based on a recovered evidence of improvised explosive device, the culprit of Davao city bombing has used a unique form of explosive device which used to mortar shells which explains the deadly blast last Friday.

The two mortar shells are known to be a mix of 6-mm and 81mm ammunition.


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