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“I think the human race has squandered its gift, and I think this country has squandered its promise, for the sake of cell phones and Jet Skis.”

– George Carlin

Do not click this image. Watch the video below.

Do not click this image. Watch the video below.

You might not agree to it. You might think that it is necessary because they are gifts from God to humans. But think again.

Just by watching this video you will realize what human beings have made to its inhabitants not to merely survive but only to meet the wants, not the needs. We are just one, one part of the universe as a whole. But we behave on earth as though we are the only, and most important creature.

To quote George Carlin, “human species are the worst creatures God had ever created. We have such great gifts but we squandered them all to the high priests. We had given all those great gifts to RELIGION and MONEY.” That gift George Carlin was pertaining to is our brain.

Watch the video animation below courtesy of Steve Cutts:


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