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The Duterte Effect, as they call it.

Remember the final Pilipinas Debates 2016 when one fisherman was one of the guest? The fisherman asked the presidentiables what to do with the Chinese guarding the shoal, the reason why they couldn’t fish for a living.

As you can remember Duterte said to the fishermen and to the Filipino people that he will go to the border and plant a Philippine flag there and say to them that it’s Philippines’s property, and that he would offer his life in exchange of the future of the Filipino people.

Now it seems like the message has reached the Chinese government because, according to News5, the fishermen near the shoals can now fish freely.

One fisherman named Saldy said, they noticed that a small, rubber boat from the ship went near their boats, going around them but did nothing to prevent them from fishing. And then the guards would just go away.

Just roaming around probably to make sure that they were only fishing and nothing else.

One fisherman said that the reason for the Chinese coastguards’ sudden behavior is Duterte. President-elect Duterte might have given them something that change their minds on harassing the Filipino fishermen, instead allowing them to fish.

Before, according to News5 report, they could only get 2 to 3 Thousand Pesos worth of fish catch, but now each fishermen can get an average of 13,000 Pesos a day.

Fisherman Saldy said:

“Bigla silang bumait ngayon. Ewan ko ba. Parang may pinakain ata si Duterte sa kanila.”

Watch the video below:


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