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chinese arrested in cebu for drugs

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Shabu (meth) is an upper. It makes people aggressive. Nazi Germany was the first government that legalised meth. Nazi Germany wanted to rival Coca Cola, so it made meth available for public consumption as a pill called Pervitin.

Chocolates were also laced with meth so that housewives could consume them. Because meth makes people aggressive and violent, the public consumption of meth in Nazi Germany made the general German population more aggressive and violent. Meth + ultra-nationalism of Nazi Germany = disaster to their enemies.

Nazi soldiers were drugged with meth when they invaded Poland in 1939. Meth acted like a performance-enhancing drug i.e. Nazi soldiers were extremely aggressive and they felt super-human. Thus, “ahead of the attack on France, some 35 million tablets [of Pervitin] were ordered for the army.”
The enemies of Nazi Germany learned about how meth boosted the performance of their soldiers, so “British soldiers, and American soldiers in Britain, began using amphetamines to keep up with these crazed German soldiers”
1. Nazi soldiers were high on crystal meth in WWII (http://usat.ly/2bShXMo)
2. Hitler’s all-conquering storm troopers ‘felt invincible because of crystal meth-style drug Pervitin’
3. A fresh light on the Nazis’ wartime drug addiction
So why would the Chinese government flood the Philippines with shabu? Shabu will only make Filipinos more aggressive. And with all the anti-China rhetoric flooding our country in the last six years, China would be the sure target of that aggression.

If I were China and if I would like to use narcotics to weaken the Filipino people, I would not flood the Philippines with shabu. I would flood it with opium, just like what the British did to China in the 19th century or flood it with marijuana. Why? These are all downers.

Shabu + Filipino nationalism + anti-China sentiments = security threat to China. Thus, flooding the Philippines with shabu is suicide to China. China would not have survived for over a thousand years if it were that stupid.

But, yes: there are Chinese drug syndicates e.g. the Chinese Hong Kong Triad. But flooding the Philippines with shabu as a Chinese foreign policy tool is unlikely because it would be a security threat to China.


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  1. No. The ill effect of meth is just not as an upper. In the long run, they will make pinoys crazy, and with hunger & poverty, the more it will be dangerous. Bear in mind that the immediate effect of this is in the community where the addicts live. So, no I don’t agrre with you Ms. Lim.

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