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31 fake news sites list in the Philippines that you should know

Here are 31 sites in the Philippines that are fake. Some call them satire news. But satire news is not fake news. Satire is a sarcasm, mockery representation of a news or issues that have already been told. This is done through a caricature or any image that shows exaggeration of an issue or a mockery of some political individual. Another word for satire is lampoon.

Again, these are not satire news sites, these are fake news sites that have no value at all. These sites can also be dangerous as they can totally change your whole perception of what really is happening in our country today.

We don’t need to say something about each site as they can be too tiring for your eyes, since you know Internet is about speed, right? Read fast, browse fast, surf fast, message your friend fast in Facebook. It’s the world we’re living, right? Internet is a fast world. Okay anyway, so, we just include all the sites with the names and urls or domain names.

The urls are not linked, so it’s up to you to memorize or at least make this page as a reference when you encounter a very controversial news or a story too shocking it hits the pits of your gut and the marrows of your soul. That way you can be sure how to, you know, the ‘think first before you click’ thing.

So here they are ladies and gentlemen of the Philippines:

  1. Social News PH – www.socialnewsph.com
  2. Balitang Pinas – balitangpinas.net
  3. Tartey (Pinoy Viral News)
  4. Newstrendph – newstrendph.com
  5. OKd2 – okd2.com
  6. DU30newsinfo – Du30newsinfo.com
  7. BBC 101 – bbc101.c0m
  8. DW-TV3 – dwtv3.com
  9. Pinoy Speak (Duterte News) – pinoyspeak.info
  10. Da1lyMail or Mail in One – da1lymail.com
  11. The T1mes – thet1mes.com
  12. Guard1an – guard1an.com
  13. ON DA MIC – ondamic.com
  14. Da1lyMail – da1lymail.com
  15. So, What’s News? – sowhatsnews.wordpress.com
  16. Adobo Chronicles – adobochronicles.com
  17. The Philippine Chronicle – thephilippinechronicle.com
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