Watch How Kris Aquino Fell Down The Stairs So Hard She Had To Be Pulled By Five Men in 1991 at GMA Supershow

An old video coursing on the web takes us back to the 90s and makes them heave as it demonstrates the lamentable minute Kris Aquino fell through the stage.

The video that has turned into a web sensation with no more than a million views, as of this article, was a clasp from the now outdated program GMA Supershow. The female hosts Maricel Laxa and Mariz Ricketts presented “the most up to date group to beat in the movies” which signaled Rene Requiestas and Kris Aquino to enter the stage.

The pair should sing a two part harmony as a major aspect of the advancement of their lighthearted comedy film Pido Dida, yet it was stopped by Kris meeting the mishap.

Men hurried to the phase to help Kris and the program was interfered.

Netizens communicated distinctive assessments about the clasp, with some finding the episode interesting, while others identifying with Kris and accusing the stage plan.

Watch the video below.

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