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A video demonstrating a child over and again making 911 prank calls has been circling on the web at this moment. Netizens are sharing the video to recognize this boy’s identity.

The unidentified teen has been over and again making 911 trick calls as appeared in the video and ridiculed the 911 operators.

PNP CHief Delarosa has already called the attention of netizens to help them catch this teenager so a proper punishment or guidance will be given.

Watch the video below:


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  1. Gideon Saulon

    Siguro po meron namang caller id ang 911. Para matukoy ang location ng caller. Mga balahura talaga ang ibang tao dito sa pinas e. Sana mapatawan ng karampatang parusa ang taong to. Walang alam na katinuan e.

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