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A video posted in Facebook in 2015 showed a male arguing with an employee of Shoe Mart Mall in Manila. The guy looked to be gay, judging on the way he talked to the employee.

Here we can see and hear him berating, insulting, even to the point of humiliating the employee by underestimating and belittling his educational attainment.

It began when the employee said to him: ‘di ako pinag aral ng magulang ko para murahin nyo lang.’ And then the guy responded, “Bakit san ka ba nag aral? UP Diliman AKo!”

The location of the video capture looks to be inside an office. Probably inside SM’s office where only authorized people are allowed inside unless someone is involved in a commotion or trouble within the SM vicinity.

This skirmish looked to be have been started in one store inside SM and then they were being called in to talk with the management about their misunderstanding.

Watch the video below:


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  1. pinapahiya nya alma mater nya
    plain and obvious by how he acted
    kung totoong edukado ka…
    you have d discernment to act what’s right
    obviously wala sya non
    talak ng talak…lalaki pa naman…

    • I seriously doubt he is really from U.P. Diliman. Most likely, he’s just name-dropping the university to intimidate the other person into believing that he is more educated and more important. That being said, I still apologize on behalf of my Alma Mater and my fellow alumni for the behavior of this self-entitled POS.

  2. Macqueline Palalay

    Maere! Ma-drama! Self-entitlement. Oh please…Frustrated actor/actress. LOL

  3. lalaki ba yan?

  4. whether you study in school of harvard you are not supposed to act by humiliating other people, dont bullsh1ttt other people by doing that i consider you a m0ron,hypocr1te and [email protected]!!!!!

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