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Cruel mother KICKS her baby girl as she wont stop crying

This video in YouTube has been spreading the social media like fire these past several days. Although this video has a warning that it contains content that is so upsetting to others, the video gained 997,726 views.

Here you can see this Chinese woman kicking a baby girl who looks to be her daughter. The video only run about 5 seconds and then it replayed it in slowmo in the same video to make it 25 seconds long with the long intro.

You can hear the baby cry so loud that it will break your heart as this woman doing this cruel act.

However, one netizen in this particular YouTube video commented that this video is fake. Meaning, it was scripted. It was an all act. The baby in the video, according to the YouTube user, is not a baby at all. Not a human baby at all. It is a props. A doll or a stuffed toy. But some users don’t agree that the video is fake.

Well, it’s hard to tell.

What do you think?

Is the video real? How come the video taker recorded this and did not do anything about it, or at least say something in the video caption if this was being reported right after he/she took the video? Or put some info if the woman was arrested.

You know, it could be fake. People nowadays will do anything just to be a sensation on the Net, just to gain enormous number of views in YouTube and earn money.

What do you think? Watch it below (Warning: The following video contains images that some viewers find it upsetting):


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