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Here is one of the most enticing thing to see on the Internet. ALSO READ: Wife caught on cam cheating inside a hotel room.

It is exactly the reason why you came here on this page, because you’re enticed, tempted, seduced.

This story looks to be originally created by a blog, a trending, viral news blog, that posts controversial, shocking, outrageous happenings in the world. At first, we thought it was first posted by ofwdiaries.ml and curated by cool buster which has also has its story of its own.

In this story we can read the tile Misis Ng Isang Seaman Huli Sa Hidden Camera Na May Kalaguyo (‘Seaman’s wife caught on cam cheating on her husband’), and then you can see along with the screenshot image of the video it says, 5,593,721 views.

See the image here.

We’ve found out that when you click this link from ofwdiaroes.ml, you will be redirected to a very malicious page wherein you are promoted to sign in or like a certain Facebook page.

We’ve checked the image that goes along with the post. We’ve discovered that it came from a YouTube video titled Chinese Mother and Son Enjoying Jokes which has indeed more than 5 million views.

The video even has a not so friendly content. Definitely not for children. Even the title sounds okay to the ears, the content between a mom and son is pure taboo, and should not be viewed by children. They should have put the rating ‘age-restricted.’

So we have concluded that this is pure spam.

If you have seen this post anywhere in social media, report it as spam.

Let’s make the Internet a safe, friendly place for everyone.

And oh, by the way, we’ve also found out that ofwdiaries.ml does not exist.

READ: Wife caught on cam cheating inside a hotel room


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