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A netizen named Kaylyn Davis posted a video in Twitter some hours ago as of writing that shows a man being forcibly dragged off from his seat to the back of the plane of one flight of the United Airlines.

The man looks to be an Asian, a Chinese perhaps.

Yahoo also uploaded a video in its website.

According to Yahoo, the man is a doctor and that he was forced to leave on that flight he was on due to overbooking. But the doctor insisted that he needed to be on his destination immediately because his patients are waiting for him to be treated.

This happened when no one from the passengers voluntarily to leave or give up their seats. So, the security had no choice but to randomly select among the passengers who should get off the plane.

Too bad the Asian guy was selected. But he refused since he said he needed to get on that plane.

What happened next was a disturbing act. The aviation security officers forced the man to get off his seat that left him being bloody in his mouth.

The other passengers screamed in the background while one saying, ‘guys my god. No this is wrong. Look what you do to him! what are you doing?’

After the security successfully pulled him off out of the plane, the doctor passenger still was able to come back to the plane.

Watch the video below courtesy of Yahoo and Kaylyn Davis:

{Via Yahoo}


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