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A guy that looked to be from somewhere in Asia, probably China, hangs on to a big rock up above a high cliff to impress spectators who took selfies of him. As the spectators took pictures and video of him while doing the stunt, he fell down, down down down below to the ground.

Well, unless it’s scripted, he must had fallen down to the ground and must had been dead.

It is a complete display of human stupidity. I just can’t figure out why in the world these people are doing these kinds of acts despite the danger they will be facing. Stunts like these are not done without the aid of rescuers and safety measures in case they fucked up. Like as a Guinness world of records they have cameras and safety precautions and preparations should the guy wont be able to make it.

You see people in different countries do this on a very, very high building, climbing those ledges as if they’re just doing it in tall trees. These people sure must have a serious mental illness.

Watch below:


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