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A drunken man in Quezon City who has been recently arrested for gun totting and gun shooting has a message for Duterte. He said:

Duterte mag draw tayo. P*tanginamo! Mag draw tayo. Bigyan moko ng baril, sige. Walang problema.

Then when he heard a voice asking, “Di ka ba natatakot?” he said, “Bakit ako matatakot?”

You could be angry at first if you’re a Duterte supporter. But when you see his face daring President Duterte for a draw, you’ll realize he is a joke.

His face looks like a guy who have not eaten his food for days and sniffed nothing but shabu, drinks nothing but alcohol.

This man is the result.

It gives us a lesson that it is really bad and really wrong to do drugs. It is also not good if you drink alcohol too much.

President Duterte really teaches us a good lesson: never, ever do drugs.

Watch the video below courtesy of GMA News:


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