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A netizen named Mir Mohammad Ali Khan shared a video in his Facebook account what seems to be segment of one news show by another news network.

Here in the show two reporters revealed videos and photos that proved what most news network do, especially CNN, just to regale the viewers out of their stories. They were reporting nothing but staged news or scripted.

The fake photos and videos are mostly in relation to the ongoing war of Russia and Syria.

One example is the ‘aleppo boy’ news who clearly was made to put Russians and Syria President Assad into shame that they kill children. It was deliberately staged as if the cameramen and crew were making a movie.

Another was the car bomb that blew up somewhere in Syria. The car explosion was actually intentionally made by the media to make it look like that a car bomb explosion really took place.

The video below will show you how it was scripted. At fist one man put something under the car that looked to be a bomb, definitely a bomb otherwise the car won’t explode after some moments. And then after a few seconds the man who put the bomb under the car immediately left the area with his vehicle and then boom! The car exploded.

No one was there when the car exploded. But after less than a minute, several people came running through the car and lied on the ground to make it look like they were victims of the car bomb explosion. The camera caught this all.

The only mistake these unscrupulous people made was they left the camera on before the bomb explosion actually happened. So it captured some minutes before the car exploded. They were caught.

Watch the video below and you judge:

{Source: CaD, Facebook}


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