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It was a shocking scene that you can usually see in crime movies. This time is for real.

A CCTV recorded a crime that took place somewhere in Metro Manila through a viral video that are now spreading in social media.

In the recorded video, a man, who happened to had his family with him in a car waiting for him, withdrew cash from an Automated Teller Machine. After some moments, one guy among the two who was in a motorcycle riding in tandem cocked his gun to the man’s head that appeared to be holding the man up. When the man’s daughter went out of the car to go after her daddy, the other guy drew a gun and shot the girl at close range.

The two guys left with their motorcycle after shooting the girl.

What a sad, sad world we’re living. How can criminals get away with this? We hope that these guys will rot in jail.

But with our current president, we can assume that these two will be killed.

Much sadder world we’re living. Or rather what a mad, very mad world we’re living.

Watch the video below:

Video courtesy of Julius Castillo Jr. via Pinoy Viral Videos.


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