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{Updated for accuracy, May 30, 2016, 1:03 PM}

Cebu Flash News Facebook page posted pictures of a d3ad body wrapped with what looks to be a duct tape. The Facebook page reported that the body has been found in San Fernando, Cebu City.

There was even a message written on a paper attached to it that read: “Tulisan kuh du30.”

Here is the post’s caption:

Ka kuyaw naman gud ani, patay nga lawas gi putos ug plastic, naka suwat “tulisan kuh du30”, gi labay daw sa SAN FERNANDO. Unsa inyo opinyon ani?

See the photos below:


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  1. corazon surber

    Kung kinsa may nag himo ini, ma preso gihapon siya, nag too ba kaha nga dapigan siya ni President Mayor Duterte???
    Dili tawon,..mag bantay nga dili siya masikop kay basi maapil hinoon sa death penalty nga atubangon inig madakpan.

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