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This is one example how destructive we humans really are. Well, not in an abstract way we are. But in unintentional, we-didn’t-mean-to kind of a way, well we are.

Only from building and enjoying a roller coaster for nothing. Just to experience the rush, the thrill, the excitement going up up there above while you move up and down, sideward, again and again and nobody cares how high the speed is.

Unfortunately, while we humans are having a good time, nature will really be there and going to piss you off. Well, it’s nature. It’s what it does. If you fuck it up, well, you suffer the consequence. It’s like going against the law of nature. You are up there in the air, what do you expect? A bird would avoid you just because you were conquering its territory? It’s what happen to them when they slam in an airplane’s windshield.

Poor birds. Well, what can we say.

Better watch out, there’s more to come.

Watch the video below:


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