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A drunken man in Mandaue City, Cebu, was spotted by a bystander who immediately took a picture of it. The funny thing was this drunk man was too drunk he was lying on the ground asleep as if he was only dozing off on his own bed.

You can see bottles of red horse beer, a popular beer in the Philippines, known for having a strong alcohol content.

Definitely he was with friends, looking at the bottles on the table he previously was enjoying on the drunken hours of the day.

Unfortunately he was down and out.

The location of place is just outside 711 Mandaue branch, just in front of the factory San Miguel Beer Corporation. This place is also a jeepney terminal where passengers alight on and off.

Oh by the way, this happened on Christmas Eve of 2014. Yah I know it’s long time ago.

But as always, better late than never.

{Source: CaD, Facebook}


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