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A very interesting thing happened in Palestine on Sunday, April 9, 2017. An 8-year-old boy drove his father’s car with her sister to get her a cheeseburger to the town’s only McDonald’s Restaurant.

The boy was spotted by a police officer in the East Palestine while the boy was still behind the wheel. The police, on his motorcycle, asked him what was he doing? And the boy replied he was driving her little sister to buy a cheeseburger. The police asked where did you learn to drive? The boy said, he learned it by watching YouTube videos.

Ha! Very interesting indeed. How in the world can an 8-year-old kid learn how to drive. A kid that age probably still can’t reach the pedals while seeing what’s beyond the windshield. Is that possible?

Well, according to this Palestine news by Hezakya News it is.

Watch the video below:


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