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Things happen in public places that we oftentimes don’t like. Especially with girls, women, who are so careless not knowing that they’re being pictured at even the most private part of their bodies.

What the technology can do to people nowadays, esp to women, are really overwhelming and disappointing, even disgusting, to the point of asking yourself what the hell is going on with our world today.

While people, especially males, take pictures of women under their skirts, some men just can’t even control themselves that they won’t bother to use technology to fill their sexual desires.

On this video uploaded in YouTube last February 4 2017, a passenger of a van recorded a video of a man doing act of lasciviousness inside a passenger van. The woman victim happened to be sleeping in the van, and the s2x maniac took advantage of it.

Source: YouTube

At the beginning the man tried to fond the breast by just touching it with just two to three fingers.

Source: YouTube

And then this moved on by adding one finger to the touch, until it came to a point where he held the woman’s breast with his whole hand. Gripping, fondling, caressing, almost want to squeeze it.

Source: YouTube

And then when the sexual maniac man cannot control his desire, he even came to a point where he wanted to go inside her blouse, trying to unbutton it.

Source: YouTube

There is no information as to who uploaded the video and no info about the location and the date of the video recording. The only info we can find in YouTube is the title of the video.

The badder thing is, the face of the s3x maniac wasn’t captured on the video.

Watch the video here.

Source: YouTube


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