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In a video uploaded by Tambayan ni Berto, a drug suspect was utterly being frisked by the police but not just by feeling the pockets and waist, but letting the suspect took off his clothes, at least up to the last layer of his brief, since the suspect wore 4 underwear. And hoowah! There the police found the drugs that looks to be cocaine inside the 4 layers of brief.

The suspect just smiled a bit after knowing he was really busted. He might have thought he can outsmart the police. But no. He thought no one will ever try to touch his undergarment since, of course, it is already off limits, a private part of the body, otherwise the frisker would be charged with act of lasciviousness, assuming he’s gay. Well, maybe and maybe not.

But here you can see the man is so sure no one will mind what’s inside his underwear. But the police was so smart he knew there was really something inside his underwear. And there grams and grams of drugs being worn as if it was a belt.

From the language they spoke this probably happened in Thailand.

Watch the video below courtesy of Tambayan ni Berto:


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