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Freddie Aguilar Sings “Para sa Tunay na Pagbabago Duterte”

Freddie Aguilar Duterte song

Ka Freddie Aguilar is best known for his version of “Bayan Ko”, which turned into the song of devotion for the resistance to the Marcos administration amid the 1986 People Power Revolution. His melody “Anak” remains the top of the line Philippine music record ever with upwards of a hundred forms in 23 dialects recorded all through the world.

In the same way as other in Mayor Duterte’s internal circle who are veterans of the battle against the Marcos fascism, Ka Freddie comprehends that in this present fight for the hearts and brains of Filipinos, it is Rodrigo Duterte who is the true patriot.

As the Duterte crusade heads to Tacloban City later today, we are helped to remember the calamity that was Yolanda and the urgent requirement for genuine change in our nation. Ka Freddie’s words couldn’t have been more fitting:

“Ikaw at ako
Tayong lahat kay Rodrigo
Duterte para sa
Tunay na pagbabago”

Video Credit to Cinemotion Digital Films



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  1. Glenda Trottier

    Wow super touching, naiiyak tuloy ako, san nga si mayor Digong Duterte na ang next president ng Pinas at nang masubukan ko namnan maglakad kalit saan ng walang kaba at pag aalala na baka may mang hofhold up o mga drug addict na magkukursunada sa aking buhay.
    Napakasarap mabuhay sa isang bansa na wala kang kinatatakutan.
    May the Lord bless you mayor Duterte and protect you from danger at all times.

  2. Monina Dinoy

    While watching the video of Freddie Aguilar’s song, I was really touched and i have high hopes that our Mayor in Davao City will win in May 2016 elections….If he will not win because there might be fraud (God forbids), oh well, I have nothing to lose because in Davao City, it is really very peaceful. I can walk freely at the streets without any fear that somebody might do something bad at me…. and this is a fact…..

  3. I am grateful for the Mayor to give us his leadership. In my lifetime, this could be the turning point where I see the country progress to civility, development and peace among all the Filipino people. I just wish that the people will realize that this is for the good of the nation and set aside their self interests. To see a better and safe future for my kids and their kids. Bless you Mayor! And may your good intentions will come to fullfillment.

    • Mayor Duterte is our last card for a change of our country and get rid all the criminals and corrupt politicians.

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