UP Student Ridicules Duterte Family Picture But Fails

In a Facebook post dated February 6, 2018 by Mai Laborde, who claims herself as a speechwriter in the Senate of the Philippines, at least it’s what her Facebook account says on its about page.

In her post is three pictures of the Duterte family with daughter and wife. It has the caption that says

Tin Bugayong, who’s epic fail now?!!

Laborde pertaining to Tin Bugayon who posted the photo originally, whom failed to prove that she was right. Tin Bugayong caption says,

Lol photo op. Hayos sa drama ang pamilyang ‘to. Too bad for them they aren’t very bright #EpicFail

Under it, it says

Still too young to understand how heavy the world weighs on her dad’s shoulders…and just how much he needs her to keep himself upright.

That Facebook or Instagram post was being screenshot by Mai Laborde.

Netizens, even among friends and followers of Laborde, didn’t like the post, commented that they didn’t understand it, especially what’s being circled in the photo. There are three lights that was lined in the photo that was being circled. Commenters didn’t understand the point of the post or what the poster was implying.

Some commenters have assumed that the poster Tin Bugayon thought that the picture, where the President and his daughter sat on his lap, was scripted, that it was taken in a photo studio. That the background, a frame being hung on the wall has three lights being line that looks to be lights from a photo studio, and that they didn’t realize that there were indeed three lights above from the chandelier in the dining room, near the picture was taken.

That it was too dumb a post, some commenters said about the Facebook post by Mai Laborde, originally obtained from Tim Bugayon.

Tin Bugayon didn’t realize that the photo was real, and the lights that can be seen on the frame was indeed came from the chandelier light in the dining room.

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