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With all the satisfying things happening around you still there is something that would screw your day.

This past week had been great. I’ve received my first salary from my new job and things got pretty well with my blogs and the paid review providers. What screwed all of these was only one site, Helium.

This site really made my head blow up. I told Helium last night to disable my account because I don’t want my name and information to be connected with the site anymore. You know what they did? They deactivated my account, yes; I was happy they did that. But when searching for my name and articles on Google, they were still there, my name, my information, and my articles. What they’ve actually deactivated was my log in password. So this means they changed my password and have control now with my account. How are you going to explain that?

I got mad at Helium because they deleted my 5 articles consecutively, saying my account is in danger. When I asked about the issues concerning the articles, no answer. The articles had been there for weeks before they deleted them. And worse, they just deleted my articles without showing some good manners. The messages were what I was infuriated about; each and every message about a deleted article is the same; no compassion, no concern at all to the writer; no relationship going on between the writer and mentor.

See? I’m a neophyte writer at Helium and from here I already did encounter problems with them. I’ve made high-quality articles for this site and realize that I just wasted my time on it; it’s not that bad after all because the earlier the better. I don’t have to write hundreds of articles before this could happen, unlike the case of some writers on this site.

Before I got infuriated, I had been writing for this site for more than a month. Things were nice and easy with all the good articles I had written for them. Then all of a sudden I received emails one after another saying that my articles are deleted because they don’t meet the Helium standards, but at least not the 21 articles I had written. Now I have only 16 articles left with them. So they deleted 5.

I joined this site because I needed to make money out of my passion for writing. I also was attracted and interested from their limitless topics to choose from and write about. When I realized this, the money had become not my goal at first, because if there was something that really interests me and wrote about it, I became engrossed about the article and forgot about the need to earn; it’s because I love my craft. But of course, after writing several of these articles you will still come to think about the money. Aren’t we all?

The trouble with Helium is that you need to write hundreds of articles before you can start earning regular income. Just like Google Adsense does for your blogs from ad clicks. But at least Google is sensible to your concerns and you are still free to make money outside of it like for some advertising providers on the Net.

In Helium quantity really matters and not so much about quality. When you begin to realize that you should start earning money from this site, you would come up with writing one article or two in a day to increase your chances of earning.

Although, of course, quality still do matters to them, but quantity is the way to start putting cash in your pockets. The problem is that their system isn’t going to work for all writers. There is some kind of favoritism going on. There is nothing wrong working hard and harder to receive some of the awards that you deserve, but this site just suck up all the sweat from you.

The more trouble is that there is no guarantee that you will be paid in due time. And what more doubtful is about their badges, the “marketplace approved writer” and “writing stars.” I have seen these badges on my profile but suddenly disappear when I begin publishing my articles.

There are lots and lots of writers who are discontented with Helium, and these writers are way better than me; professional writers who, for a long time, have written hundreds of articles and have deleted about a hundred; others still get to hope for what Helium owes them. Well, they only owe me five dollars and they can have them. What I only want is to remove my name and information that concern this site. I don’t want my name to get associated with scam artists that Helium has.

Two last words for this site: exploitative, deceptive.


About the author: Nonoy


A former musician who branched out his interest in creative writing and the World Wide Web.

He writes fiction on his spare time.



  1. I Love-Hate America by Bing

    >In my case , it's different. I joined Helium for freelance writing opportunities. I don't know about that mechanics—–write more before you can earn income. They have an option that you apply for a certain article to write and then when you write it, you need to wait if they approve it or not. If they do, they will pay you around$20 to $500 each article.

    I stopped when I wrote for 2 different writing assignments because none of them was accepted. I don't know what their qualifications or standards because they were never mentioned, so I don't know why they did not accept mine. But because I know there are better well-written articles there, so I just accepted it like that. But I got to think if I write and write and not a single article is accepted, what happens to these articles? Of course, they will definitely use them but we don't know how and we would probably have no way to find out. Since writing for advertisers like them , through online, you are never assured that they will respect you as the "writer" of the content. I've heard stories that some article writing sites and freelance writing sites will use and assume their name as if to own the content that you had written for them , without paying you.
    So I stopped joining Helium. I didn't know about that writing more to earn income. But then now that I know about your case, I am glad I'm done with them. But as for me, I did not ask them to delete my account. At least my name is showing in the search engines.

  2. >@Bingkee: Yes, probably you're talking about the "Marketplace." Yes marketplace is an opportunity for writers to earn upfront. But still you have to write a bulk of articles before you can be approved in "marketplace."

    I want to delete my account because I want to publish somewhere else the articles I've written with them.

  3. litamalicdem

    >Happy to know one with a firm Filipino stand against what he believes is wrong. Filipinos are pliant like a bamboo but are generally made of the strong molave trait. Keep these good traits alive. More blessings on you, Kabayan.

  4. >hi nonoy,
    sorry to hear your bad experience with helium.but like u said u still consider very luck not to waste hundreds of articles. have u try out Triond? they also pay articles u have published but it depends on how much people view yr articles.

    ki$$ for u as always 🙂

  5. Doug Stephens

    >I'm not a big fan of Helium, but as for them keeping your articles – that was in the Terms of Service when you signed up. They have the non-exclusive right to use your blog in perpetuity. Sucks, but that's the way it is.

  6. >it's me HaLoJin??? how are you kuya noy? pls do check my blogger friends ^^,

  7. >Great!

  8. >@Doug: Yes you're correct about that. Their terms of service are really deceiving.
    @Lita: Thanks a lot Lita. Yes Filipinos are flexible but strong as Molave indeed.
    @Halojin: I already checked your blogger friends. they're very creative, awesome.;-)

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