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Today is Black Saturday, 9:33 am; nothing solemn going on in our house. Although we ate Binignit yesterday at lunch and dinner; today the Bangus is still grilling outside at the porch; with us waiting for breakfast.

Black Saturday is not oftentimes observed as sacred as the Holy Thursday and Good Friday. Catholics considered it as a preparation for the Easter Sunday. Some people plan what food to prepare by going to the market for the big day tomorrow at the beach; others just celebrate themselves at home with the family.

But on this day thousands of years ago, Jesus was still dead in the burial place.

Hours counting before God raised Him from the dead and brought Him back to heaven. That day was the Easter Sunday. A time that the world was saved from our sins. A time to realize how great God’s love is.

I’m going to watch a good movie after breakfast. No pork meat and alcohol yet. I’ll wait for that tomorrow. Tomorrow is the right day to enjoy. For God wants us to prudently enjoy our lives He saved thousands of years ago.

Just don’t forget to forgive our enemies and ask forgiveness to Him with all our hearts.


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