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Tonight is 9:40 pm, a Holy Thursday. I just had chicken for dinner. I don’t know yet the meals for tomorrow. I decided to skip breakfast, have a light lunch and dinner. Binignit or Champorado perhaps.

When I was a child, our parents always reminded us siblings to keep the Holy Thursday and Good Friday holy. No playing games on the streets, no TV and music, no talking loud, no jokes and foolishness. We were always persuaded to believe in superstitions. Like an unfortunate circumstance or accident will happen if we engage ourselves in physical activities. Should an accident happens a wound or a sprain will never heal.

Perhaps we were encouraged to believe those superstitions so we will follow what we were told to. But we were never taught on how or what to eat on Holy Week. We began to learn what to eat on the Lengthen Seasons when we became teenagers. During Holy Week our mother would cook Binignit and Champorado. But this stopped when we grew up to become adults or college boys.

Since college I hadn’t observed the Holy Week as holy as some people would. Some would suffer pain by slashing themselves with a lash with thorns.

Others would go to mass and contemplate. I would just stay in my bedroom to read the Bible, and then eat my usual meal like the usual days.There are even Black Saturdays that I would drink beer with my friends, impatient to wait for the Easter Sunday to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

I understand that the Lengthen Season is observed more with Roman Catholics than other religions. There are religions that have their own interpretations of Holy Week or the Death Anniversary of the Son of God. But all religions, I consider, has one common goal: they believe in God and believe in moral soundness, a time for reflection and repenting.

For me the meaning and the importance of Holy week is the thought and reminder that there is a Son of God that suffered and died for us. I suppose that all religions believe that there is a Supreme Being above who loved the world so much that He died to redeem it.

I don’t believe in afflicting pain to one’s body by himself. God and Jesus Christ, I believe, do not want us to do this. How can a God allow us to hurt ourselves when He spare us from pain and affliction? We should ponder in our minds and in our hearts that the greatness of God’s love for us.

The love that is so great we cannot completely conceive it. That is why we should not only remember that great love during Holy Week. We should always remember it everytime we wake up in the morning. We should always remember the beauty of life. Today is April Fool’s Day and Holy Thursday. We should never associate this coincidence by jokes and craps.


About the author: Nonoy


A former musician who branched out his interest in creative writing and the World Wide Web.

He writes fiction on his spare time.



  1. >Amen to that. I have just enjoyed a bowl of steaming binignit. Have a meaningful Holy Week…

  2. >I am not Catholic and that is why I don't believe in these ritual practices in observing the Holy Week. You are right. Jesus already died for us and paid for our sins and rose to life again so that we may live a new life.
    Only sincere forgiveness and true repentance for our sins can make us whole again. God sees our hearts and our commitment to follow His ways through forgiveness and repentance. Afflicting pain to ourselves for the absolution and forgiveness of our sins is not even in the Bible. God did not encourage us to afflict pain and misery to ourselves to show how sorry we are. He gave us forgiveness so that we may live a life away from the pain and misery of our sins. Doing this self-flagellation thingie just defeat the purpose of Jesus dyiing on the cross.

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