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It’s just recently that I’ve heard about this another island in Davao called Buenavista. This is an island or an islet lies just adjacent to the Samal Island. I thought there are only two in the Davao Region, Samal and Talikud. Not to include those that are not yet promoted that stretches along the Davao Gulf like the Vanishing Island and Kopit Island. Buenavista Island is situated on the northeast of Samal, while Talkud is on the southwest.

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This island is luckily made as a resort.

So anyway, if you want to get to this lovely island here are some ways:

From Sasa Wharf you need to ride a barge or a ferry, just like when you do when going to the Samal Island and the Talikud.

If you’re a new visitor in Davao who has just arrived in the airport, from there you can rent a van that will take you to the resort. Or if you want one to pick you up from the airport book 7 days before the scheduled date of your stay in the island. In other words, you won’t get a van if you did not book prior to your arrival at the Davao International Airport.

So before 7 days before your scheduled flight to Davao, call Buenavista Island Resort office at these numbers: +6382 299-2992 to 94. For special arrangements and for your room reservations you can go to this page.

Travel time from the airport to Buenavista takes about an hour.

For more inquiries go this resort’s official website.


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