Baggage Items Allowed and Prohibited on a Flight by the TSA

{See updated graphic screenshots below from TSA}

I’ve decided to post this because I’ve been searching for information on what items allowed to bring inside the baggage when you’re on flight. I’m planning for my trip back again in Cebu (or perhaps Manila) in a few months.

I’ve been curious about this because I had experienced being taken hold off due to some things found in my carry-ons like scissors, pens, my reserved Asthma rescue inhaler, and in one instance, some quantities of rice stalk or “Kalamay” from Bohol as pasalubong. The security advised me take out those things and transfer them to my checked bags.

I wonder why those things are not allowed, particularly the “Kalamay.” Perhaps the terminal security thought I might be eating the Kalamay inside the plane, and would rather choose not to order food inside the plane because I already had my “Kalamay” to mess my mouth with. Hehe.

But no. Airlines are strict about this regulation for understandable reasons. Here are some things that I’ve found out and realized why there are things that are allowed on a flight and there are those that are not. Here are the some of the airline restrictions about baggage items.

Banned Items in Local and International Flight:

  1. Flammable items like: gasoline, lighter fluid, matches that are strike-anywhere (are never allowed inside checked bags, only safety matches allowed in your pocket or carry-ons), gas torch, liquid fuel, paint, paint thinner, aerosols, turpentine, spray paint, torch lighters, tear gas, etc..
  2. Explosive Materials: dynamite, gunpowder, firecrackers and fireworks, flares, blasting caps, grenades, fake flammable devices, and fake plastic explosives.
  3. Poison, Oxidizers and Peroxides like Acid, Bleach, Hydrogen Peroxide, Chemicals, fertilizers, Fiberglass maintenance kits, cyanides, weed eradicators, arsenic, rodent poison.
  4. Contagious Materials: medical specimens, bacterial cultures, viral organisms.
  5. Corrosives, Magnetic and Radio Active Materials
  6. Tear gas, spray paint, torch lighters, pool or spa chlorine.

All Items are allowed inside your carry-on bags and checked-in bags except for the items above.

Things that you think that are not allowed inside the bags but are allowed by airline security are:

Gels, Liquid, Pastes are allowed as long the volume is not more than 100 ml. Wonder why these are prohibited if brought a bulk of these items? It’s because of what happened in 2006, in which UK authorities revealed an alleged plan by terrorists to destroy 10 airlines using gel-based bombs. Since then, all airline companies prohibit gels, liquids, and pastes, only if they exceed the 100-ml. limit.

Other items allowed inside your carry-ons and checked baggage:

Common lighter, safety matches, solid food, pliers, screwdrivers and wrenches that are not longer than 18 cm.

Allowed in Checked-In Baggage Only:

Knives (except for rounded blade kitchen knives), swords, karate weapons, machetes, bats, box cutters, razors, ice picks, scissors (small scissors should be inside the cabin), pistols, rifles, bb guns, paintball guns, ammunition, dry ice ( not more than 4 pounds), etc..

Things You Must Not Put inside Checked Baggage

Blank checkbooks, credit cards, cash, traveler’s checks,  jewelry, gold, silver, expensive watches, cellphones, laptops, prescription medication, passports, driver’s license, I.D, and other very valuable and important items. The airline company can’t be held responsible for the lost and damage for these items.

I still don’t know why the “Bohol Kalamays” are not permitted inside the cabin. Hehe. Maybe because they fall in the gel category. They might explode. Wahehe.:-)

Article source: Airsafe-dot-com.

UPDATE: January 10, 2011 11:51 PM – If you want to read Cebu Pacific’s travel regulations, click this link.
For Philippine Airlines, click here.

UPDATE: February 2, 2014. 12:46 PM.

I’m going to give you the new, updated travel regulations of the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) of the US and Philippines on this following data. This is based on the updated Permitted and Prohibited Items List by the TSA USA, and it follows this is also the regulations implemented by the Transportation Security Administration of the Philippines. Here are they (take note of the Yes and No from the graphic screenshots below taken from a brochure of disposed by the TSA US–you know what that means):

TSA prohibited items on flight US and Philippines
Items prohibited on a flight by TSA Philippines and US
Disabling Chemicals and Other Dangerous Items on a flight
Other items allowed and prohibited on flight

You can download the whole updated brochure here.

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40 Responses to Baggage Items Allowed and Prohibited on a Flight by the TSA

  1. Aimee says:

    Will Cebu Pacific allow tocheck-in a cooler with frozen human milk and dry ice? I need to take my baby’s milk back home in Manila after my trip to Cebu

  2. amy says:

    Hi, can I hand carry a jar with strawberry jam?

  3. sonex says:

    noy, hello po!.first tym ko pong sasakay ng airplane. where shall I place my medicines (caps and tabs)?
    do I need prescription from my doctor? I will be travelling frm cebu to mla and back thru PAL.meron kc akong meds na pain reliever which is Tramadol. i’l be bringing meds for my two wks stay in manila..thanks in advance for this thread.

    • Nonoy says:

      Hi Sonex. Medicines are okay to bring with you in your carry-ons (hand-carry bags) inside the plane. Meaning, you can bring them with you inside the cabin.

  4. Lemlem says:

    Can I bring durian inside the airplane? or if it’s should be checked in, will it be safe and not cause any damage to the package? A tupperware perhaps with strong adhesive tape.

  5. sylvia says:

    hi! just want to ask if frozen mest like longganiza is allowed for cebupacific domestic flight? will place them inside styrofoam. tnx

  6. Ronald says:

    need to ask if I can bring pocket knives to Cebu for diving and camping in the islands? Since I will check them in my luggage, am I gonna get stopped from x-ray scanners before am able to check them in? Thanks!

    • Nonoy says:

      Nope Ronald. You won’t be taken hold by the security if you bring pocket knives. You will just need to bring it with you in your carry on and put inside the cabin..Refer to the above article for the details.

  7. Raisa says:

    From manila ariport

  8. Raisa says:

    Is it allowed to hand carry fake watch? Like rolex from green hills? How about in checked in baggage
    and also how about guitar? It can be hand carry??

  9. Jun Ho says:

    Hello po, ask ko lang po kung pwede magdala ng lutong food and ilagay sa check in baggage. If pwede gaano po kadami ang allowed. Salamat po

  10. Leana says:

    how bout shaving razors? is it allowed in carry on bags?

  11. This is ridiculous. How would you expect me to carry my valuable items? Laptops and other valuables should be hand carried you know.

  12. gen says:

    hi .. it’s my first time to travel abroad.. and I’m going to hongkong this week .. just wanna ask if needed pa ng tourist visa sa hongkong I’m from Philippines lang naman eh .. mag to-tour lang sa hongkong in few days.. and strict ba immigration sa hong kong? like bawal magdala ng fake na gamit or magsuot? like 1 watch and 1bag? waiting for your reply.. thanks :)

  13. cynthia says:

    pwede po bang i-hand carry ang bagong bili na nonstick pan na may box pa sa loob ng airplane? thanks po!

    • Nonoy says:

      Oo pwede yan Cynthia; yung indi lang talaga pwede ay yung mga flammable items, poison at yung mga chemicals at medical specimens, as mentioned above. Salamat Cynthia for your inquiry. You’re always welcome. :-)

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  15. Elizabeth Leach says:

    Hi nonoy, im from us heading to Philippines, inside my luggage can I bring cheeses, bacon and dried meat (beef jerky)? Also fresh apples. Grapes? Salamat po

    • Nonoy says:

      Sorry Elizabeth for the late reply. Ahmmm, ok lang naman yung mga pagkain sa luggage basta naka balot lang ng maigi; yung kalamay mahirap kasi talaga yun kasi di nasasara ng maayos; Thanks for dropping by Elizabeth! :-)

  16. maricel says:

    hello everyone,ask lang po i can bring my dog to davao its from manila? Aalis na po kasi ako going to france so hindi ko po pweding iwan ang dog ko or pamigay sa iba. Kababali ko lang po kapon,wala po siyang papers,its a half breed po. Its possible po ba na madala ko po siya sa province if ever po na aalis na po ako ng pinas? i will wait po sa reply sa may alam and thanks…

    • Nonoy says:

      Pacensya sa late reply Maricel. Try mong puntahan or tawagan ang Department of Agriculture office s region nyo, Sila yung mag refer sayo sa quarantine division ng airport tungkol sa aso mo.

  17. redz says:

    am looking to bring a machete back to england from grenada am i allowed to put it in my checked luggage

  18. jel says:

    Pwede po bang mag carry ng fresh bangus kahit sa check inn luggage? Ask lang po kahit balutin ko po masyado? thanks..

  19. jethro says:

    ID’ LIKE TO ASK, i’m now in australia. goin to get home by december in davao. i wonder whether hongkong airport will check jewelries…like gold silver or whatever? how about in davao airport?do we have to pay tax for that too?

    • Nonoy says:

      Hi Jethro! I think all airport crews check jewelries and other valuable items; but they have to be inside the checked baggage; I’m not so sure about the tax; I have to research on that first, and get back to you. ;-)

  20. Henry says:

    I believe cellphones are allowed on the plane because you can set it to airplane mode.

    • Fred says:

      Henry, yes iPhones and any other smartphones with “Airplane mode” should be allowed as selecting that mode disables wi-fi and cellular signal.
      I just flew to the US and left my iPhone in Airplane mode…. but on arrival at the airport you have to keep all phones turned off until you clear security/immigration/customs.

      So none of this usual conversation we hear while plane still on runway “Hi, my plane just landed, I should be in arrivals hall in 12 minutes and 38 seconds” hahaha, so sad….

  21. Fred says:

    I know this an old blog but was just searching current regulations /restrictions on liquids in carry on baggage and found Nonoy’s blog.

    Only a small example for you here but very annoying anyway…

    In the UK stores a can of Sprite, Coke etc is 40 pence to 50 pence so let’s say 30 pesos equivalent, in a UK Airport after security controls a can of same drink is 70 pence (45 pesos)

    Now here in Cebu, easy enough to get a can of coke or sprite for 20 Pesos, but after going through security controls at Mactan Airport we would have to fork out 160, yes 160 pesos so 8 times the price, or 200 pesos for a cup of tea.

    Wala chance of me paying that, Asawa has to bring a flask to airport and I have 3 cups of tea before checking in baggage… then she takes flask home.

    By the way the security risk of those terrorists was very real, I was in London working when the explosions in 2005 on buses and trains killed and maimed so many people. And of course the Twin Towers attack in 2001 claimed about 3,000 lives. There well maybe be more attempted attacks in the future and these small inconveniences we have to put up with to make our travel safer is not a problem.

    The security in Airports around the world including Cebu/Manila/Davao should be as tight as those in the US and UK. Hong Kong can do it…

    • Nonoy says:

      Hi Fred. Oh I forgot to include the 911 attack, the best reason for a tight airport security. I agree that Philippines should be more strict about airline security.

      Thanks a lot Fred for reading my post and for your comment. Very much appreciated. :-)

  22. bingkee says:

    Actually Noy, they didn’t allow the make-up kit in my handcarry kaya nagulat jud ako. Kasi daw may cream —a tiny .5 ounce eye cream and a 1 ounce of cleanser (for washing my face in between stopovers)—bawal daw ang cream. That was 2007. Ngayon , I know they allow it as handcarry provided that it’s less than 5 ounces or if it’s contained in portable travel-sized containers.

    • Nonoy says:

      Ahh ganun ba? Ahh , it’s because in 2006 UK police uncovered gel-based explosives that were believed to be used to sabotage 10 airplanes. So perhaps they made a new regulation after 2007 to allow gels and lotions and pastes that are not more than 100ml. They made this new regulation probably because they encountered many complains and angry passengers like you. hehe. This is how I see it.

  23. bingkee says:

    Hala Noy, I actually left a comment here yesterday…wala lagi. Anyway uliton na pud nako akong comment oy…
    I am familiar with the prohibited items and the rules concerning this as I travel frequently –both domestic and international. But before I learned them, I went into a lot of embarrassment and frustration. One time I had to toss spray cans of mousse and foundation into the trash can and the foundation costs me almost $50.00 …I was so angry but couldn’t say anything.
    And then one time, at a Cebu Pacific flight from Manila to Davao, the people at the body scan/handcarry inspection told me that I can’t take my vanity kit full of make-up and creams inside my handcarry. I told them, “Don’t tell me you’re going to ask me to give it to you or throw it in the trash because that vanity kit holds over $500 worth of products and you won’t refuse me to take the plane because I am carrying make-up in my baggage.” I was so mataray . So they asked me to go back to check in and check -in my small vanity kit which I did but I thought the people there looked for my suitcase and put the kit inside it. But to my surprise, they gave me another baggage claim ticket. So imagine my surprise at the Davao airport baggage claim area , I saw my small vanity kit sashaying on the conveyor belt with all the big suitcases and boxes along.

    • Nonoy says:

      Na punta sa spam yung comments mo kaya ngayun ko lang nakita. hehe. may mga glitches rin kasi tung Akismet pang minsan.

      hehe. really Binks? That’s so embarassing and dissappointing. hehe. Naka inis at nakaka pikon rin talaga tung mga airport security minsan.

  24. bingkee says:

    As a seasoned traveller, I’m aware of this….but it took me embarrassing moments and a lot of frustration to learn their rules. One time, I had to throw big containers of foundation sprays in the trash because they didn’t allow me to have them handcarried. Another time, I checked in a make-up/vanity kit as a singular checked-in baggage because the Cebu Pacific people didn’t allow my make-up kit in my checked in baggage. (But that was so ridiculous—-now airlines allow tiny containers of lotions and creams but at that time, they didn’t. ) My kit looked so cute and yet out-of-place running on the conveyor belt on the baggage claim.

    • Nonoy says:

      Hi Bingks. Maybe the foundation sprays fall in flammable items. About the makeup kits, according to, they should be placed inside your carry-ons because these are believed to be personal or valuable items.

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