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So awesome again Kulas doing what Filipinos do. This time it’s washing his own clothes the Pinoy style.

This video is like a tutorial. Kulas actually teaches foreigners here how to do their laundry when they’re in the Philippines. Well of course there are laundry shops where you can have them wash your clothes through a washing machine. Also you can do it easily by using the machine probably in your own home.

But you know, this is the Filipino culture. This is how Filipinos wash their clothes without the aid of technology. And this is the proper way, the way Filipinos in provinces wash their clothes. The historical, old traditional Filipino way.

The funny thing is the way he interact with Filipinos. It’s full of positivity. What more funnier was when he said about the labanderas: sigeg chika mga chismosa! hahahaha!

Watch below:


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