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For those who haven’t yet decided which destination to go this summer, here are ten awesome spots In Davao to visit.

I would have included beach resorts since people always want to go to the beach during summer. But that’s pretty usual places to go when the sun is most hot. After all, isn’t summer going to be an enjoyable time of the year?

Why not go to places that are not so crowded, tranquil, contemplative and memorable. Places that goes well while the heat is on. Just don’t forget to bring a hat or an umbrella.

Here are my top ten summer destinations in Davao you can go to:

Pearl Farm Beach Resort

Pearl Farm Davao screenshot from Youtube video by DaleKamp

As the name itself, Pearl Farm Beach Resort is the home of natural pearls. Well’ I’m not sure if they still have a farm of pearls here on this resort. But I can tell you pearls are of abundance on the seas of Samal Island, the island where Pearl Farm is located.

Many tourists and local visitors go to Pearl Farm because apart from the fact that it’s the pride of Davao when it comes to resorts, the place is like a paradise for many visitors. Here is one review from tripadvisor.com by one traveler who had visited Pearl Farm:

“The most beautiful setting that I have found in my world travels. I felt as though I was on “Fantasy Island.” Stunning views, comfortable rooms that fit this beautiful setting. Excellent on sight restaurant. Friendly staff. The Ultimate getaway!”

Pearl farm Beach Resort is managed by Fuego Hotels and Properties. For inquiries you can contact the Manila office at 632 750 1896, 632 750 1898, and 632 893 2093. Fax number 632 750 1894. Email address: [email protected] You can go directly to the Manila office if you want. The address is 15th floor, 139 Corporate Center Valero St., Salcedo Village, Makati City.

Davao office is at Ground floor Alflocor Corporate Center, Damosa Bldg, Lanang Davao City. Phone numbers are: 6382 2350876, 6382 2340601. Fax number: 6382 2350873.

To reach Pearl Farm you need to go to Davao Marina, which is just 2 kilometers from the Davao airport. Ride a motor boat from Davao Marina to get you to Pearl Farm Beach Resort.

Japanese Tunnel

This is the second best attraction in Davao City, if not the greatest if Pearl Farm Resort would have not existed. Here you can see the actual tunnel that the Japanese settled in World War II. There are many World War II tourist spots in the Philippines, but if you’ re from Davao or in Davao it is a totally different experience.

You can also see structural replicas of the Japanese soldiers inside the cave. Temperature inside the Japanese tunnel is colder than the normal temperature.

Talikud Island

Well, I can’t name a particular resort here on Talikud Island because this island and the Samal Island have several resorts. Talikud Island is just adjacent to Samal Island. So picking one can be a sort of a dispute to some resorts here. So, the best thing is just go directly to Talikud Island. There is a boat that will tour you on the resorts surrounding the Talikud Island. Go to Sta. Ana Wharf for an island hopping to Talikud and Samal.

Crocodile Park

This is the habitat of different kinds of crocodiles. Owned by Philip Dizon, this park also exhibits the sophisticated system of crocodile farming in the Philippines. You can see here the most modern equipment and facilities for crocodile farming. You can also see some animals like monkeys, exotic birds, bearcats, and snakes.

You can contact Johnrie Villanueva for inquiries. Phone numbers: 082 286 8883 or email at [email protected]

Bat Cave

One of the attractions you can see in the Island Garden City of Samal is the Bat Cave, or also called as Monfort Bat Cave. This is the home to nearly 2000 bats, the fruit bats. This place is believed to be the largest settlement of fruit bats in the whole world.

Malagos Garden Resort

There is nothing more relaxing place in Davao than Malagos Garden Resort. The place is so serene that you would think you’re in a holy place in biblical times if you visit the place. Malagos Resort has the butterfly sanctuary, unique plants, rare animals like ostrich and the Philippine Eagles.

Eden Nature Park and Resort

Eden Nature Park and Resort is an absolute experience of nature. Here you can watch the stunning views of pine trees and mountains. A 80-hectare land, Eden Nature Park and Resort is the ultimate adventure of the natural world. If Malagos Garden Resort is the seventh heaven, Eden Nature Park is the Garden of Eden. Goes by the name, eh?

You can check out this link to know how to get to Eden Nature Park and Resort: How to Reach Eden Nature Park.

Philippine Eagle Center

The Philippine Eagle Center is home to all species of Philippine Eagle. You can find every specie of the Eagle bird family that still exists. Although some are considered close to extinction, this center preserves all the species of these raptors. Philippine Eagle Center is just a 10-minute ride from the Malagos Garden Resort.

Mt. Apo

Gosh. I haven’t gone to this place but I tell you this: almost all mountain trekkers, tourists, athletes, TV personalities had climbed Mt. Apo when they have the chance to get to Davao. Unfortunate for me I still don’t have time yet to reach the highest peak in the Philippines. You can go to this link on how get there: How to Reach Mt. Apo.

Malagos Watershed

This place is a forest which is preserved by the DCWD and DENR for reforestration program . The reforestration is open to all volunteers from schools, NGO’s, and other organizations.

So that’s it. Hope you visit all of these top ten summer destinations in Davao City.


Note: With the exception of the Talikud and Malagos photos, the images above are grabbed from the sites below:








Libotero.com (Michael Sinjin Pineda)




About the author: Nonoy


A former musician who branched out his interest in creative writing and the World Wide Web.

He writes fiction on his spare time.



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  3. This is just wonderful.

    You live in a beautiful country!

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  5. Ken Michael Jon Taarup

    Wow. Very nice photos! I might visit Davao this August for the Kadayawan Festival. 🙂

  6. gusto ko sa eden, malayu nga lang

  7. Hi Roy. o nga eh. mas maganda pag may private vehicle. pro may mga taxis rin papunta dun. Check mo lang to na link: http://edennaturepark.com.ph/main/getting-to-eden-nature-park/

  8. Great post! The kids have been bugging me to go to Davao, and I promised I’d look in on a possible itinerary. You just cut it short for me!

    But we usually don’t go during the summer, since everything is priced hysterically. What are my chances of going off-peak with regards to the weather?

    • Hi Kai. Well, for Pearl Farm Beach, if you want to avoid the high prices and the peak season, I suggest you go in June (after summer) or from September to November. By that time the costs and the rush reservations will have subdued.

      But for other attractions above I believe the prices won’t increase. If they do, probably only a few coins from your pocket.

      Thanks Kai for dropping by.:-)

  9. bingkaycoy

    The pictures are so pretty. I haven’t been to Malagos nor Eden yet….will try next time I come back.

  10. I have been to Malagos, Crocodile Park, Japanese tunnel, Philippine Eagle and Talicud… My next target will be Eden Nature Park and Samal Island… Dami kasi magagandang beach sa Samal…

    site: http://lzlpio90.hubpages.com
    blog: http://mytravelanywhere.blogspot.com

  11. Wow, ganda talaga ng Davao, love it!

  12. Yeah Im a nature lover too, absoloutely Eden Nature Park & Malagos Garden Resort are really nice place. Pearl Farm Beach Resort is very attractive also its really a cool paradise. Lets help Davao City to promote their beautiful city along with those tourist attractions they have.

  13. Amsterdam

    Wow…amazing destination there…
    Great post Mr. Nonoy.

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