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What I miss most now is the Mactan Bridge or the Mactan-Mandaue bridge. It’s been two weeks I haven’t crossed this bridge due to some tasks needed to be done here in my solitary room. I love watching the view from this bridge whenever I cram myself inside the jeepney: the gray air illuminating the Cebu at distance, the sea, and some interesting views. I live in Lapu-Lapu City so I always cross the Mactan-Mandaue bridge everytime I go to Cebu.

The bridge that I always come to cross is the old Mactan bridge. This bridge connects the Cebu and Mactan islands. This bridge is 846 meters long and 9 meters wide. This old bridge has a wide box truss and was built during the tenure of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos in 1970, and was finished in 1972. This bridge was exclusively designed and constructed by no other than the distinguished Filipino engineers.

This video was taken by me inside a jeepney a few months ago.

But this is not the only Mactan bridge. There are actually two Mactan bridges (by the way, Mandaue City is a city within Cebu City). First is the one I’ve described above; second is the new Mactan bridge or commonly known as the Marcelo Fernan Bridge, named after the former Philippine Senator Marcelo Fernan, who also became Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

Image from cebudaily.com

The Marcelo Fernan Bridge, according to Wikipedia, is 1,237 meters long and a center span of 185 meters. This bridge was intended to lessen the traffic on the old Mactan bridge. As with the old Mactan bridge, the Marcelo Fernan Bridge stretches all across the Mactan channel and connects the two islands: Cebu and Mactan.

Image from marcelinorapaylajr.wordpress.com

According to Leylander of mycebuphotoblog.wordpress.com, this bridge is the world’s longest center span extradosed cable-stayed bridge. That’s pretty long, eh?

Marcelo Fernan Bridge was built in 1999 with the help of the Japanese government. It was also featured in different national TV programs and movies.

Image from Leylander of Mycebuphotoblog.wordpress.com

I didn’t have any chance to cross the Marcelo Fernan Bridge because I’m staying in Basak, Lapu-Lapu City. The jeepney route I ride is bound for the old Mactan Bridge. You can cross the Marcelo Fernan Bridge if you are riding a taxi going to the Cebu Mactan International Airport. You can also cross this bridge if you are taking a jeepney going to Pusok.

Soon I will have time and chance to cross this long, awesome bridge. When my another journey in Davao begins again:-)


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