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{This post is updated from the one previously published in 2011}

I’ve decided to post this because I’ve been searching for information on what items allowed to bring inside the baggage when you’re on flight. I’m planning for my trip back again in Cebu (or perhaps Manila) in a few months.

I’ve been curious about this because I had experienced being taken hold off due to some things found in my carry-ons like scissors, pens, my reserved Asthma rescue inhaler, and in one instance, some quantities of sticky rice stalk (Kalamay) from Bohol as gift to my family. The security advised me take out those things and transfer them to my checked bags.

I wonder why those things are not allowed, particularly the sticky rice stalk. Perhaps the terminal security thought I might be eating it inside the plane, and would rather choose not to order food inside the plane because I already had it to mess my mouth with. Hehe.

But no. Airlines are strict about this regulation for understandable reasons. Here are some things that I’ve found out and realized why there are things that are allowed on a flight and there are those that are not. Here are the some of the airline restrictions about baggage items.

Banned Items in Local and International Flight:

  1. Flammable items like: [email protected], lighter fluid, matches that are strike-anywhere (are never allowed inside checked bags, only safety [email protected] allowed in your pocket or carry-ons), gas torch, liquid fuel, paint, paint thinner, aerosols, turpentine, spray paint, torch lighters, tear gas, etc..
  2. Explosive Materials: [email protected], gUnp0wder, [email protected] and firew0rks, flares, blasting caps, grenades, fake flammable devices, and fake plastic explosives.
  3. P0ison, Ox1dizers and Proxides like Ac1d, Bleach, Hydr0gen Peroxide, Chemicals, fertilizers, Fiberglass maintenance kits, cyanides, weed eradicators, arsenic, rodent po1son.
  4. Contagious Materials: medical specimens, bacterial cultures, viral organisms.
  5. Corrosives, Magnetic and [email protected] Active Materials
  6. Tear gas, spray paint, t0rch l1ghters, pool or spa chlorine.

All Items are allowed inside your carry-on bags and checked-in bags except for the items above.

Things that you think that are not allowed inside the bags but are allowed by airline security are:

Gels, Liquid, Pastes are allowed as long the volume is not more than 100 ml. Wonder why these are prohibited if brought a bulk of these items? It’s because of what happened in 2006, in which UK authorities revealed an alleged plan by terr0rists to destroy 10 airlines using gel-based b0mbs. Since then, all airline companies prohibit gels, liquids, and pastes, only if they exceed the 100-ml. limit.

Other items allowed inside your carry-ons and checked baggage:

Common lighter, safety matches, solid food, pliers, screwdrivers and wrenches that are not longer than 18 cm.

Allowed in Checked-In Baggage Only:

Knives (except for rounded blade kitchen knives), swords, karate weapons, machetes, bats, box cutters, razors, ice picks, scissors (small scissors should be inside the cabin), pistols, rifles, bb guns, paintball guns, ammunition, dry ice ( not more than 4 pounds), etc..

Things You Must Not Put inside Checked Baggage

Blank checkbooks, credit cards, cash, traveler’s checks,  jewelry, gold, silver, expensive watches, cellphones, laptops, prescription medication, passports, driver’s license, I.D, and other very valuable and important items. The airline company can’t be held responsible for the lost and damage for these items.

I still don’t know why the this sticky sugary, rice stalk are not permitted inside the cabin. Hehe. Maybe because they fall in the gel category. They might explode. Wahehe.:-)


I’m going to give you the new, updated travel regulations of the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) of the US and Philippines on this following data. This is based on the updated Permitted and Prohibited Items List by the TSA USA, and it follows this is also the regulations implemented by the Transportation Security Administration of the Philippines. Here are they (take note of the Yes and No from the graphic screenshots below taken from a brochure of disposed by the TSA US–you know what that means):

TSA prohibited items on flight US and Philippines
Items prohibited on a flight by TSA Philippines and US
Disabling Chemicals and Other Dangerous Items on a flight
Other items allowed and prohibited on flight

See infographic below from Philippine Airlines:

For Cebu Pacific see below:

For your comments and inquiries below, please write them in English, not Tagalog, so they can be easily be found in search engines.

Thank you my dear readers.

Bon Voyage!

Article source: Airsafe-dot-com. via PAL and Cebu Pac


About the author: Nonoy


A former musician who branched out his interest in creative writing and the World Wide Web.

He writes fiction on his spare time.



  1. Mr. Noy, puwede ba magdala ng lechon de leche na buo sa taiwan galing pinas?

  2. Hello po. Mr. Nonoy.
    Magbakasyon po kami s zamboanga, at gusto ko po sanang mag dala ng halaman ng dragong fruit. Pwede ko po bang I hand carry yun?

  3. Hi Noy, Pwede ba canned goods sa hand carry baggage from manila to malaysia? balutin ng packing tape..hehe

  4. How about liquors? Like johnny walker, remy martin. Pwede po bang ipasok sa luggage yan galing davao papuntang manila?

  5. divina salazar

    pwede po ba ilgay ung sa luggage bag ung mini scooter para sa anak ko? pwede ba magdala non? ung iba tawag nil trolley

  6. Hello Noynoy,

    Pwede po ba mag-check-in ng bombilya or light bulbs ?
    LED types po ang mga ito (free from where i work for).

    Can’t find it in the list kasi.
    And my officemate said these can’t be brought to the airplane.

    Tnx po in advance.

  7. How about fruits?are fruits allowed in a check in baggage?I’m planning to bring home fruits I’ll be putting it in a container,is that allowed?thanks! (From Bangkok to Philippines)

  8. Hello. Is it allowed to checked in or hand carry the rice cooker?

  9. assumpta sato

    Please let me know if it’s allowed to check-in or carry rice cooker? Thank you

  10. can anyone tell if i can bring 1liter of Listerine from hong kong to Iloilo…please kindly notify me soon coz my flight is on coming 27 April 2017, thank you in advance..

  11. hello can anybody tell if i can bring 1liter of Listerine from Hong kong to Iloilo ..please kindly notify me soon coz my flight is on coming 27 April 2017..thank you so much in advance !

  12. Elizabeth Melendres

    Are Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) allowed in check-in baggage? Althiugh this item is not in the list of prihibited items, but I just want to be sure.

  13. Elizabeth Melendres

    Are Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) be allowed in Check-in Baggage?

  14. fck’em – cebu pr152-lax
    they took my extension cord for my cell phone at check point 2 and one of two , 2oz bottles of mama sitas hot sauce at check point 3
    they are bullies and no tolerance for answers or hand outs explaining list not allowed
    and do not see above
    my rope lanyard not questioned

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