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This picture was shared by one of my friends in Facebook.

Anti-Tanim bala anti theft luggage

On this pic we can see the anti tanim-bala logo in a form of a sticker. Obvious from what it appears to be. A bullet with the ‘anti’ sign in color yellow.

From the picture it looks like it is made from a company called toursafe. Must be a company that produces luggage in the US. And that some retailers buy it from the US. In short, these are imported bags.

A cardboard box says it has 3 anti-theft features.

But here’s the thing.

This luggage is not actually an anti-laglag-bala (bullet planting) luggage. It is an anti-theft luggage. But then a marketing man had the idea to place a tanim-bala sticker on it to entice people who wants to buy a travel bag. I don’t think the sticker was made by toursafe.

Taking advantage of this tanim-bala modus operandi bogging the government these past few weeks.


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