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A Quick Davao Travel Guide

The minute you land on Davao City, you will be amazed at how disciplined its residents are. Not only smoking is strictly prohibited in public places, the government officials are also keen on keeping the environment clean, healthy and green, as evidenced by the segregated trash bins along the roads and the absence of insalubrious plastic bags in stores and supermarkets.

However, that is not your reason why you are here, is it? You are visiting Davao City (or has the intent to visit) because you want to experience the city as is portrayed in commercial tourism videos, and travel blogs. To make the most out of your soon-to-be Davao travel, we suggest you wander in the places considered as the melting pots of the city’s culture, nature, nightlife, beaches and beauty.

Eagles, Crocodiles and a Mountain

For the longest time, Davao City is a haven to tourists who long to see exotic animals and admire the beauty of nature has to offer. Philippine Eagle Nature Center devotes their time nurturing nearly extinct thirty-six Philippine Eagles. It also houses other bird, reptile, and mammal species for all adults and kids to discover.

The Crocodile Park is another house of delight for all animal lovers out there. Vacationers will surely have a great time coming across with the freshwater and saltwater crocodiles thriving in the area. Crocodiles are not the thing the place has to offer. Exotic Filipino dishes and cultural shows are also featured in the area.

Mt. Apo is one of major reasons why tourists take on Davao travel. If you have an adventure streak for mountain climbing and nature tripping, you surely do not want to miss the opportunity of stepping onto the country’s highest peak.

Resorts and Zip Line Rides

Have you ever tried a zip line ride? If not, then you better visit Zip City and Outland Adventure Xcelerator. Feel the adrenaline rush seep into your veins, experience the action of being suspended 120 feet above land, and travel midair for 300 meters long. The ride is safe because all equipments used are approved to the standards of International Mountaineering and Climbing Federation.

If you happen to be in Davao City, please take the time to visit Eden Mountain Resort. You will find yourself living the dream of being surrounded with nature. With the flowers and trees in full bloom swaying in the cold breeze, you will definitely fall in love with Eden’s rustic simplicity and solitude.

A Cultural Park and Neighboring Beaches

If there is one place that will show you everything about Davao, that would be People’s Park. The place is named after the people inhabiting Davao City and is free for everyone to visit. The 4-hectare park has glorious features for the tourists to see. There is a man-made waterfall adjacent to the picturesque volcanic rock wall, a ground for the children to play around, a jogger’s track for all the health and exercise buffs to enjoy, and a durian-shape dome. The park also exhibits the artworks and sculptural works of Kublai Millan, a notable Davao artist.

Would you believe that the nicest and plushest beaches are just 5 minutes away from Davao City? Even the native residents of Davao City cannot be more thankful enough for the short and quick access to the pristine saltwater in the neighboring Island Garden City of Samal.

Once there, Davao City will surely lure you with its charms. Now the next best thing for you to do is plan your annual vacation and book a flight to the city the soonest time possible.


The Famous Museums in Cebu

With lots of beaches and tourist attractions to enjoy, Cebu City is indeed a good place to start doing the things you love with your friends and families. Besides, who would not like to spend their days walking in the sun while seeing good and attractive places inside the metro?

Cebu city is not only a place wherein you get to enjoy, laugh and smile because this dynamic city is also a good place to contemplate and discover the historical artifacts that influenced many Filipinos across time. By doing so, visiting famous museums across the city is the best thing to do. So to guide you on the famous and the most relevant museums for Cebu tourism, here are some of those that you should never miss:

Fort San Pedro National Museum

The artifacts of this museum were taken from the old Spanish Galleon called San Diego from the deep sea of Fortune Island in the coast of Nasugbo, Batangas. You can also find the artifacts excavated from the Fort San Pedro which will surely bring you back in time. Several artifacts that you can find from this museum includes Ming porcelain pieces which comes in sort of sizes, old coins, beautiful lockets, fragments of swords, warrior helmets and even cannons. With only 15 pesos entrance fee, you’ll get to experience the old days matched with the beautiful landscape of the museum itself.

Pres. Sergio Osmeña Memorabilia and CAP Art Gallery

As the former president of the Philippines, this museum will bring you closer to this memorable Filipino icon in presenting his personal documents and memorabilia. Pres. Sergio Osmeña is also known as the ‘grand old man of Cebu‘ and visiting the museum will let you know him more with art galleries beautifying the place. There are more than 500 objects displayed in the museum halls and many of these are from the friends and relatives of the late president donated for the museum.

Southwestern University Museum

Southwestern University Museum is an in-house museum that presents the spectacular collections of Dr. Lydia Aznar-Alfonso. Dr. Alfonso was good in collecting artifacts that is very significant to the history of Cebu. She kept these collections on her house basement and these collections are composed of old and beautiful potteries and other stuff excavated in the city itself and its neighboring islands.

St. Theresa’s College Museum

If you want to know how Cebuanos before act and live, you should visit this museum for you to witness the old lifestyle and features after the Spanish period. You will also discover the products that other Asian countries traded in the city.

University of Southern Philippines Rizaliana Museum

This museum was considered as the pride of the University of Southern Philippines Foundation. What makes this museum special is because it features and showcases the life and the personal belongings of the Philippine National Hero, Dr. Jose Rizal. Trinidad Mercado, one of Rizal’s sisters donated these personal things when she visited USPF Mabini campus in the year 1951. Here you can find Rizal’s clothing, crafts and paintings, and more.


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