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Numerous mobile phone manufacturers currently offer their cellular phone lineups in the market. In the local Philippine gadget market, two local brands start to compete with the globally-known manufacturers and extend cheaper, yet high performance cellular phones for today’s consumers. You see a lot of people check Starmobile Vs Cherry Mobile comparison to know what both company offers.

Starmobile is a mobile phone maker founded by Star Telecom Alliance Resources, a name famous for manufacturing mobile phones locally and distributing them across the globe. Cherry Mobile, also a local mobile phone manufacturer, raised the bar in offering affordable mobile phones. Nowadays, Cherry Mobile or CM is famous in the local mobile phone market for its high caliber Smartphones offered at half the price compared to other famous brands.

Learning about the companies and their offers are important, especially if you’re planning to get their mobile phones. Here is a short Starmobile Vs Cherry Mobile comparison and their offers.

Mobile Phone Collection

Starmobile classifies its mobile phone and portable device collections into Android Phones, Android Tablets, Feature Smart Phones, Feature Phones and Accessories. Its Android phone collection has the most number of phone selections for today’s modern consumers. Those who don’t need a Smartphone can still find the best device by clicking on the Feature Phones accessory, which basically offers cellphones with basic features. It also promotes its line of tablets with six options to choose from.

Cherry Mobile categorizes its phone collection into Essentials, Music, TV, Lifestyle, Touch and Smart Social. Unlike Starmobile, CM sets these categories to aid buyers in finding the right phones according to their needs. Essentials selection offers basic mobile phone features while the Smart Social devices are for those who are after the social media fun on mobile.

Starmobile Vs Cherry Mobile: Mobile Phone Performance

Both companies currently engage in dual core and quadcore-powered performance by promoting phones with such features. Currently, both companies offer quadcore-enabled mobile phones, which guarantee utmost performance for today’s users. Cherry Mobile’s quadcore phone lines include Thunder, Skyfire, Blaze and several others.

Starmobile, on the other hand, counters with its quadcore Knight and Icon. While it still has a small collection of quadcore phones, Starmobile promotes quite a number of dual core in the market.
CM has a slight edge when it comes to its mobile phone selection. However, it raised the bar when it comes to offering quadcore tablets. Starmobile only has dualcore tablets, while CM is now establishing its name in offering quadcore tablets like Fusion Wave.

Comparing Prices

When it comes to price, both companies excel in offering affordable, Android-operated mobile phones and tablets. Accessories and replacements like batteries are sold at cheaper price, making their phones a part of the devices that require costly maintenance.

Overall, Starmobile Vs Cherry Mobile comparison shows both brands’ offers. You won’t go wrong within these companies if you’re after the price. However, it’s obvious that you’ll get more high-end options with Cherry Mobile in terms of performance and matching your respective mobile phone requirements.

Nevertheless, the market can still wait for Starmobile as it continues to manufacture its line of devices.


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