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Hey guess what? Cebudavao.com has now a score of Double A in GTmetrix after using Clouflare. After a long wait for an update of this blog, I’ve decided to use CloudFlare CDN.

If you don’t know what CloudFlare is, it’s a CDN or Content Delivery Network and security provider. It’s an exclusive DNS (domain name server) to accommodate the website’s loading work to its servers for good speed performance.

GTmetrix is a website speed analyzer. Therefore, when you use CloudFlare on your website, chances are you’ll have a high score in GTmetrix, just like mine.

Oh yes, that’s double A. Not a perfect score of 100. But a perfect score of A, double A. It means that’s fast. Have you noticed the loading time when you arrived on this page? If you’re using a PC, it should be fast. But if you’re using a smartphone or a tablet, well, it may not be as fast as when using a desktop. It could slow down a bit, but only a little bit, yeah a little bit. Perhaps, .05 seconds slower than in a PC.

And oh yeah, I copied the theme from Jehzlau Concepts, my blog model for life. hahaha! Gaya gaya na naman ako Jehz. hehe!

By the way, the reason why I haven’t been able to update this blog more frequently is because I’m too preoccupied updating my other blog techtektek.com. Yes it’s a technology blog.

So anyway, now, if you’re a blogger and want to speed up your blog, learn some very effective tips from Jehzlau’s post here. But wait. before you click that link (oh yah there’s no link, haha) to Jehzlau’s post, read first my version on how to speed up your blog. Here are the steps:

First, register to CloudFlare here. Once you’re registered, add the url of your website there at the site. Use the free account. But if you have lots of mullahs then use the paid account.

Second, you will be prompted to change your name servers. So go to your Godaddy account and change the name servers of your domain to what CloudFlare suggests you from the CloudFlare website.

Third is, wait for the change to process. Mostly it’ll took 24 hours after the nameserver change. But there are times it’ll take only an hour or two.

Fourth is, after the processing is complete, configure the settings on your account on CloudFlare, the
security overview, the security settings, and the performance settings. Be sure to use only what is/are needed. Use only the important apps needed for your site. Because once you use all, it could affect the overall performance of your site. So choose the apps wisely.

So there, test your blog in GTmetrix and find out your score.

And yes, now, you can go to Jehzlau’s post here: How to speed up your blog easily.

Good luck! 🙂


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