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We were connected once with SMART BRO INTERNET BROADBAND. We made contact with their marketing representative. We were satisfied then and agreed to have Smart Bro Broadband as our Internet service.

Not for long, Smart Bro people came to our residence here in Davao and installed the necessary modem, cables and antenna for the broadband Internet connection.

Smart Bro installers usually install a 10 to 20 feet of GI pipe on top of the roof of your home. And they set up the receiver and transceiver on top of the pipe.

Smart Bro Canopy Installation

That gadget has a cable that in turn is measured to reach and connect to the personal or laptop computer inside your home or office. That pipe is then tied with GI tie wires for reinforcement. The connection was successful and right then on they tested its speed which they said was 1 MBps.

We were glad at last we have our own SMART BRO INTERNET connection. We are now officially subscribed with Smart Bro Broadband Internet. Now we could go online and do whatever it is one does with the World Wide Web.

For months we were using Smart Bro. The connection was solely used for my laptop. I badly needed to upgrade from the prepaid (Smart bro usb plug it) broadband to the regular Smart Bro subscription.

We would pay every month for the dues to stay connected and avoid disconnection. We were also informed that we are subscribed with the 2 Year Plan. This meant that we would wait for two years before we could or whether we’d decide to unsubscribe from our Smart Bro connection. It was agreed upon by us as the subscriber, to continue using SMART BRO INTERNET for a minimum of two years. This would in turn would fairly give us the decision to stay subscribed or try for another Internet Broadband Provider.

I didn’t really want to know how to measure every Broadband’s connection Internet speed. It was however emphasized then that they have a broadband speed of up to 2Mbps. I read about technical terms like HSPA (High Speed Packet Access) and HSDPA (High Speed Downlink Packet Access). It was understood that Smart Bro’s Internet Speed was based on this technical terms or protocols. This was the speed Smart Bro Broadband Internet was characterized with.

It would clearly fraudulent if this is not satisfied on every SMART BRO INTERNET connection. It wouldn’t hurt–although their business would–if they could just be truthful if their Internet speed is not accurately proven or not. The connection should apply for all locations regardless of the distance and proximity to their connection towers. It should be emphasized by their marketing executives whether their Internet service is not that reliable.

The Internet Services could very well be compared to the regular need of every household or offices. We have the Water Service, The Electrical and Power Company, and the Telephone Company. And because now we have this need for the Internet, Broadband Internet service should provide the best service akin to these and what they claim to be providing.

I understand when there are service interruption sometimes. It could for hours sometimes even days. It’s so sad when it happens almost once a week and accepting it as a normal occurrence. And because of this, after two unfortunate years, we settled for PLDT DSL.

This is my Internet connection speed right now here in Davao:

PLDT DSL speed test

Compare it to what I had in Cebu 2 years ago with Smart Bro Canopy. This was the time I’d been gone for Cebu and have myself installed and subscribed to this Smart Bro Canopy in my apartment.

Smart Bro Sucks Speedtest

Well, isn’t Smart Bro under the wings of PLDT now?


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A former musician who branched out his interest in creative writing and the World Wide Web.

He writes fiction on his spare time.



  1. i haven’t used smartbro. mahina kasi signal dito samin, maybe this month may 4G LTE na dito, hopefully.

  2. Lillian Edick

    So is the rep’s name Royce from Tahoe? He is my friend who went to work for Smart Broadband is it a good service?

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