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I’ve been using Smart Bro for almost two years now, not just the Smart Bro 999 plan–the Smart Wireless Broadband– but also the prepaid plan. For over a year this service provider has given me ups and downs, on and offs when it comes to connection stability.

With the wireless broadband, which I’ve heard has downgraded from 2mbps to 1mbps since June this year, it frequently gave me headaches at home in Davao. There were times when it would speed up for 3 to 4 hours. After that, the rest of the day was like waiting for a turtle to reach the finish line.

What worse is, this Smart Bro USB Modem. I’ve been using it recently since I arrived in Cebu last week. I’m using it because I’m still trying to acquire a permanent Internet connection here at my apartment. While I’m settling for this, it really annoys me like hell.

After loading 60 Pesos and subscribing to unlimited surf of 50 Pesos, Smart Bro doesn’t connect me at first try, second try, third try. Fourth try, a browser then lets me open any website. But after a minute or so, the browser would keep on loading as if forever. What I do is disconnect and connect again and again until I can open five windows in one browser at the same time. I can tell if it doesn’t connect me when the little loading circle of Windows Vista rotates very slow. So I have to disconnect again and then connect again.

This has begun to get into my nerves for the past week. I can’t open my email immediately when I wake up in the morning. I can’t know what’s going on this blog, the comments, stats, Adsense, Social Media Marketing. I can’t even reply immediately to my email subscribers. I can’t do my SEO, SMM, and other forms of online marketing as fast as I want it to. In short, SMART BRO has wasted a lot of my time.

Take a look at the speed of my PC this past few weeks.

Can you believe that? How can you ever do some Internet marketing with that kind of speed. Even uploading a simple word document can give you a real pain in the as*.

I want to throw this Smart Bro Plug-it away, even smash it or burn it. I might do it as I will have obtained my DSL connection here at my apartment.

UPDATE: August 31, 2011 4:58 PM — After over a month, that’s 40 days after publishing this post, I’m still using this stupid USB plug-it, and here is my Internet speed now:

UPDATE: 11/08/2011 5:32 PM

Finally after almost four months, my cute little notebook is saying goodbye to Smart Bro Plug-It, and says a big Hello to Smart Bro Canopy Wireless Broadband. Because of this, my Internet speed boosted. So Smart Communications is not getting into my nerves anymore. It don’t suck anymore. At least, the most speed we can get here in the Philippines. The Smart Bro downgrade from 2 MBPS to 1 MBPS is now back to 2 MBPS. Take a look at my speed now compared to the previous speed I had some months ago.

Although the upload speed is the same, the download speed has increased significantly as you can see. Great. This is just what I had always wished for.

The only funny thing is, I subscribed to PLDT Home Plan 1299 two months ago. This plan has a wireless canopy Internet connection with landline telephone. I thought the PLDT Canopy is a wireless PLDT broadband. I’ve just learned that PLDT have Smart Communications under its wings. But it doesn’t matter. The important thing is I got the right Internet speed that I wanted. This is a good development for Smart Bro Wireless Internet Broadband.


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  1. I think that’s wise to get a DSL instead of that. 🙂

  2. Hi! like you I had so much problems with my smartbro plug-it here in Lapu-Lapu City, and after a year of too many hair pulling episodes and regular phone-in to their call center na wa gihapoy nahimo, i finally had enough and migrated from plug-it modem to smart bro canopy. One week na akong canopy and so far I’m loving it. You may want to consider migrating nalang dyud if sa balai ra ka usually mag use.

  3. Pag canopy na lang kay fixed wireless mana sya. Naa pod ka antenna nga naka line of site padulong sa ilang base station so kanang mga intermittent panagsa ra gyud.

  4. I experienced the same thing in using the SMARTBRO USB plug-in. The most useless device ever made. I subscribed to 5 days unlimited surfing but didnt get any good connection at all. I asked them to just return back my money but unfortunately they just returned back php40 instead of php200 for the unlisurf 200 and claimed that they dont have reported down time in thier system which is bullshit. Why will i kept on calling thier hotline number for more than 12 times if they gave me a good internet connection.

    To those who are planning to buy a wireless internet device DON’T EVER BUY THIS SMART BRO USB KIT. ITS A WASTE OF MONEY AND YOUR TIME based on my personal experience. Wag kayong magpaloko sa BULOK na Smart Bro Service…..maha-high-blood lang kayo.

    I would like to encourage everyone to file a complaint to National Telecommunications Commission if you encountered problems with Smart Bro Service and refunding of pre-paid loads here’s their email address : [email protected] . Let our voice be heard.

  5. I’ve been into Canopy for about 4 years and so far I’m loving it. When I’m out from home I’ll be using Smart Plug-It and like you it’s also giving me troubles.

    • Oh yah; since I’ve installed the wireless canopy in Cebu it had given me good connections. Now I use the old Smart Bro wireless and the newly installed PLDT MyDSL here in Davao; as far as on my end is concerned, the old Smart Bro is better than the newly installed 1,300-a-month subscription PLDT My DSL. So weird. 😉

  6. That Smartbro Rocket Wifi Plus is a BIG SCAM!! I bought 1 unit for Php6,450.00 last December 2011 and VOILA! A horrible 0.58Mbps download speed! Up to 20 Mbps download speed as advertised by Smartbro? BUL______HIT@#$%!!!! That FU____KING&*%$#@ Smartbro 4G made me believe in SENSELESS ADVERTISEMENT’S BIG LIES!!!!

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