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I had been thinking of driving a car on the second day of my new job. I’m staying in Lapu-Lapu City and our office is at Gen, Maxilom Avenue, Cebu City. That’s way too far to commute and get a couple of rides just to get to the office.

The distance is like a ride to one city to another city. One island to another is of course one city to another. That’s far and it costs me around 60 Pesos just for the jeepney fare back and forth.

Good thing I don’t have to go to the office anymore because my boss and I agreed that I can work at home; same time and same salary with the required daily time sheets to fill out.

But that won’t keep me of wanting to own and drive a car, a lovely car. I had always dreamed of owning one. A second-hand one will do. A second-hand BMW Z4 series perhaps or a Toyota Camry. How great it would be if I can drive it all along the city streets to both Lapu-Lapu City and Cebu City. I can go anywhere I want to go. I can get to a certain destination easily if I own one.

If ever headaches and maintenance come in the way, I don’t mind. There are lots of reputable repair shops here in Cebu that could handle that, or a BMW authorized shop. Or perhaps a website that offer services like finding a nearest reputable repair shop near your area, get a maintenance or repair estimate, and get some tips and advices from mechanic experts about some problems about your car.

How great it would be if I own a beautiful car one day and only an auto repair website will solve the problem for me. I don’t know if there is such a local website here in the Philippines. Unlike in America where there are countless of repair websites that you can rely on such as repairpal.com.

I stumbled upon this site when searching for the latest cars of today. I find this site interesting and very helpful. Repairpal.com provides all important information about the customers needs in relation to their cars. Their services include price estimates, auto shop directory, and advices from mechanic experts. Repairpal also keep your records online once you sign up and make some car maintenance inquiry through the site. What more amazing is it’s for free. Great, isn’t it?

If you are living in the States and own a car, then you should check this site. If you are in Chicago and looking for Chicago auto repair, then just go check it out.

How I wish we have that here in the Philippines. Maybe in the near future. That would be really awesome. In the meantime I have to work harder to achieve the dream of owning a BMW Z4 series. Cheers!


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  1. >hi nonoy, how r u? i pray for u so your dream will come true. bmw also is my favourite car. i just want the 3 series..not the too expensive or fancy type…maybe one day i will get my dream car too :))

    kisses from me!

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