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The Smart Bro team arrived at my apartment a few days ago after over two months of my PLDT canopy application. I really thought I applied for PLDT DSL Canopy. But there is no such thing as PLDT DSL Canopy.

I realized what the sales agent suggested was the Smart Bro Canopy under PLDT, the 1,299 Home Plan, an unlimited access of wireless broadband Internet and unlimited landline local calls from PLDT. So I’ve got one wireless Internet connection and one PLDT landline connection. Smart Communications and PLDT Company are two companies that merged.

Anyway, what I am going to show you now is how the installers installed the canopy (the modem antenna) on top the roof and how they set up the Internet on my computer.

I don’t have images to show you because the installation was too quick I’ve forgotten to wake my best friend Sony (Cybershot) up. So there one installer brought the canopy modem with some tools and wires.

The installer placed the canopy somewhere on the roof, an area where it doesn’t block the signals from the trees. An area near the lightposts on the streets with the big wires that seem to be from electric power companies and PLDT.

Another installer put some gadget under my window outside with the cables and iron rods. After installing them, he came here in my room to begin the ceremonial set up of Smart Bro Canopy for HP Compaq Presario running on Windows Vista Home Basic. Here it goes (you can click the image for larger view):

  • Goes to Network sharing Center and click manage Network Connections from the left of the screen.

Smart Bro Canopy Wireless Broadband Installation on PC

  • Then right clicks on the Local area Connection and clicks Properties.

Smart Bro installation on laptop Windows Vista Home Basic

  • Configures the Local Area Network properties.

Smart Bro Canopy Installation

  • Goes to this address to configure the settings of the canopy:

Smart bro canopy wireless installation on Windows Vista

After configuring the canopy settings, a Smart Bro page appears where it requires to enter the service reference number and the account number. After entering the right numbers, a page appears again below the screen where it requires the installer’s username and password. He then calls someone from Smart Communications Manila to activate my account. Then Dyaran! My Smart Bro canopy wireless Internet broadband is installed. That’s why I’m here talking to you now. hehe. 🙂

I’m connected 60 minutes an hour, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 4 weeks a month, 12 months a year. And I’ll do that double because this contract is locked up for two years. Yay!

So that’s it. Hope I did give you some little knowledge on how installers set up the Smart Bro canopy wireless Internet. Adios! 🙂


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  1. That’s good for you. Mine is different. The sales agent approached me that he will help me to have pldt wireless internet. I filled-up application with his promise that in the afternoon such will be connected. It’s a P499.00 promo and I will be billed another P999 for the second month. Convincing promo but it’s a gruesome nightmare. I paid him P500 only to call him three times a day and I waited for almost two weeks for the canopy gadget to be installed. It was a shiiiit! Then came a “bodol-bodol” installer who fooled me. He caused me to pay for another 30 meter cable wire at P50/meter over and above the 30 meter cable provided by smart for free. Incredible! It’s 30 meters high. But just fixed the antenna on the tv antenna of another person and left with the extra g.i. pole provided by smart. So disgusting, he fixed the conduit box with a tiny concrete nail 6 inches from the ground floor. I was another shiiiiit. Where can you find in the world and installer without a ladder?
    I called him to do his back job. But he went back after another three days. He was forced to fix the new pole. He then reimbursed me P500.00 for the extra cable charge.

    I thought he learned his lesson being a “bodol budol” installer. I was grossly wrong. He did not rightly and tightly fixed the pole. When he left, the antenna was misaligned. Until now I have an intermittent signal. Worst , NO SIGNAL EVERY AFTERNOON UNTIL THE NEXT DAY. I called the customer service*1888 five times already who all of the promised to let the support service visit my place and fix the misalignment. For three days now, no one appeared. TOTALLY DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have decided to terminate the service contract.

    • That’s bad experience Ronald. Ako rin nga matagal kaya bago nila na install yang PLDT Smart bro canopy ko; mahigit dalawang buwan; Walang paki alam sila pag dating s concerns ng mga customers. Grrrr.

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