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I’ve read a comment from a reader in Rappler’s article about how to improve your WiFi. I really laughed. He said:

“What is the point of improving WiFi connection if the problem is not the WiFi itself but the stupidity and greed of so-called “HIGHSPEED” internet providers in our country?”

This caught me very well because I also wrote a post about this problem titled 17 ways how to boost up your home WiFi.

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But I included a note there that says the tips are applicable only for those users that have poor signal because of their routers and misconfiguration in its default gateway admin. The tips have nothing to do with how good or bad your ISP is.

So the question remains: what if the slow speed on the Internet is caused by the slow service or slow network of your ISP? Can it be improved by applying the tips some techies suggest?

Here in the Philippines, for instance, Smart, Globe, Sun and PLDT, to be honest, really gives terrible service. Not sometimes, but all the time, they advertise on TV, on the Net, in leaflets, that they provide this and that speed. Up to 2 or 3 MBPS for the lowest rate subscription. Only to realize it never reaches up to 3 but only 1MBPS almost throughout the year. The marketing is so deceiving that you thought the speed is what actually it is.

Another one is with PLDT, 10, 20, 50, even 100Mbps with its new Fibre. Only to realize the speed can only reach 5MBPs even though you are currently on a subscription that should provide more speed than that.

The answer is yes, a little bit, not significantly.

Lets say you have a speed of 0.65 MBPS, all because of some network technical problems or your provider just simply sucks. You do some little hack or install improvized external antenna. Probably you’ll get just a little millisecond improvement. You probably get 0.75 MBPS from 0.6 MBPS. So it’s not something.

The quick answer should be no. No, there is no way you can boost up a speed of your WiFi signal if your Internet Service Provider is a low-life, miserable greedy company that doesn’t have a sense of humanity.


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