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In a video shared by Martial Arts Chat Facebook page, a Thai boxer made a funny stunt right from the beginning up to the end of the fight.

He first stumbled himself at ring entrance and did stupid moves that made him very him vulnerable for hard shots. Until at the end of the fight he allowed himself to be knocked out by his white contender.

At first it looked like it was an accident. It looked like his foot slipped on the ropes that’s why he fell from the ropes. But in a second look, in slow-mo replay, he really did it on purpose.

And then when the fight started he did not stop from doing funny gestures like holding on through his groin with his glove and even made some dance stunts to show disrespect against his opponent.

This is probably the stupidest thing to do for a boxer in the ring. Or well, maybe he wanted to be a comedian rather than a boxer. Maybe he did want to become a boxer but his father forced him to be.

Watch it below and get ready to laugh:


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