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Hukad is a Cebuano word meaning to serve food on your plate. As a noun, hukad (also called sandok) means a ladle, a big deep shovel spoon used to bring the food on your plate. Any food such as rice or a viand or a soup transferred from the cooking casserole to your dining plate or bowl is to “hukad it.” Serve it.

Hukad sa Golden Cowrie Davao

Such an easy word to digest. I thought the food too at Hukad sa Golden Cowrie inside Abreeza Mall.

I really thought the food here were of considerable volume. I had expected the typical Filipino style restaurant wherein soups are served in palayok and are of abundance; since the Hukad word kept ringing my ears while waiting for the food to be served.

What this all really means is the free unlimited rice. So the waitresses served rice (hukad the rice) on your plate as the viands are already served on the table. Hukari ko ug rice pa!

Plate with banana leaf at Hukad Davao

The plate was rectangular in shape. The banana leaf on it is nothing new for a Filipino restaurant.

And so the food were served. We had Cebuano Kinilaw, Grilled Tangigue, Bicol Express, Sinigang na Lapu Lapu, and Kare Kare.

Kare kare at Hukad

Griled tangigue (mackerel) at Hukad

I expected the bill would reach around 2 Thousand Pesos despite the little of everything. I didn’t take a look of the prices. I just estimated that probably for a Filipino dining place like this in Abreeza mall good for five persons would cost me around 2 One-Thousand peso bills. Good thing it cost me only around One-Thousand-Pesos.

It doesn’t matter. The important thing is the quality of the food.

Cebuano Kinilaw na Malasugi at Hukad

The Cebuano Malasugi Kinilaw with the tomatoes tasted good. A kind of Kinilaw that I love. But, a big BUT, the sinigang is too sour that my saliva was about to drip. If there is a sourest food in the world, it would be this sinigang in Hukad.

Sinigang na Lapu Lapu at Hukad Davao

Well, better if they put sampalok or green mango or camias to make the soup sour. But the soup seems to be a little bit better than one with Knorr Sinigang Mix poured all the way with little water.

Bicol Express at Hukad Davao

And the Bicol Express. Gosh. First time I’ve seen Bicol Express made out of string beans or sitaw. Bicol Express suppose to be the green chili peppers or espada. Cebuano style indeed can’t conform to the Bicolano tradition.

Not to mention the noise teenagers created at the table next to us. Teens don’t have good manners and right conduct these days. And the restaurant crew tolerated their screams and loud laughs as if they were VIPs.

Hukad, as the name implies, really speaks for the rice. A consuelo for rice lovers. Maybe you order one cheap viand with all the sauce to top all along with their unlimited rice servings.

Hukari pa ko miss!


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  1. Hello Noy! How are you? It’s been awhile since my last visit here sorry I was just so busy. Anyway, sobrang nakakatakam naman foods na post mo dito nagutom tuloy ako. By the way naki-nuffnang na rin ako dito 😉

  2. I’m not sure if my first message went through so I decided to send another one. As was telling you earlier sobrang sasarap ng foods na post mo dito at ginutom tuloy ako :D. Also naki-nuffnang na rin po dito.

  3. its nice to be back boss noy..Nakakagutom naman ung mga picture mo jan.. 🙂

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