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Despite criticisms on the Coptic chapels in northern Egypt confronted by the nation’s Christian minority, people can learn lessons about love and humanity.

In any case, among the Nubians – an old country that lives along the upper spans of the Nile – Muslims and Christians for the most part live in agreement. Nicola Kelly went to a Muslim-Christian wedding, commended watchfully after dusk, in the southern city of Aswan.

The Muslim man named Akram, says, it’s difficult for their parents to accept that they are going to get married.

“Everyone kept telling me I should marry a girl from my community – but it was impossible,” Akram says, “I couldn’t stay away from her.”

“We’re the first people to marry outside of our religion here. That’s very difficult, especially for my parents,” Akram explains.

“We agreed to get married at night, so as not to bring shame on either of the families,” Akram says.

It was reported that the two are going to get married at night to avid conflicts upon both of their parents and the high preachers of their religion.

With the wedding of this two lovers despite the difference in religion says something that love knows no boundaries. They say, love can move mountains. It does indeed. Their marriage can unite people even they differ in their religious beliefs.

{Source via BBC}


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