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It has been weeks I’m looking for a house to live and I just couldn’t find one. I’ve been to some subdivisions here in my place but no luck. Some has high price and others are too shabby and old.

I want to rent for the meantime before I will have settled my plan to buy a house, a housing loan most probably. I want to stay here in Catalunan Grande at my parent’s place because it’s cool here. Besides, developments here are evident. And that I can visit my Mom and Dad and siblings conveniently. Dibah?

House for rent image

The only information I can find on the Net about houses for rent is from this link. A guy gave me this link since I posted on Facebook about me looking for a house for rent in Catalunan Grande or Mintal. Better if Catalunan Grande. He gave me that link.

Here are some houses for rent in Mintal:

House 1

  • Address: Green Meadows, Mintal.
  • Price: 3,500 PEsos
  • Bedrooms: 2
  • Bathroom: 1

House 2

  • Address: Deca Homes Mintal
  • Price: 4,000 Pesos
  • Bedrooms: 2
  • Bathroom: 1
  • Square meters: 100
  • Contact Numbers: 09165557758, 5518 234-30-90

House 3

IMAGE NOT AVAILABLE due to the merge of OLX and Sulit.

  • Address: Deca Homes Resort Residences
  • Price: 5,000 Pesos
  • Bedrooms: 2
  • Bathroom: 1
  • Square meters: 100
  • Flooring: Red cement
  • Walls: Fully painted
  • Steel Trusses
  • Well painted roof

Deca Homes Resort Residences Amenities

  • Subdivision Developer: 8990 HDC
  • 133 hectares
  • 1.5 Kilometer to Calinan-Davao road
  • Walking distance to a resort
  • Walking distance to Deca Wakeboard Park
  • Football field
  • Basketball courts
  • Lagoon
  • Cemented roads
  • Playgrounds and parks
  • Swimming pool
  • Club House

Apartment for Rent

  • Address: Road going near to University of the Philippines (Mindanao), Mintal.
  • Price: 6,000 Pesos
  • Bedrooms: 2
  • Bathroom: 1
  • Square meters: 84

The rest of the houses found on that page from the link given to me are either for sale or outdated. In other words, they’re all vacated. If you want to be sure just go to this page.

But in Catalunan, unfortunately, I couldn’t find any. I’ve been to South Villa, Caflor, SGR, still no luck. Vacant houses there are either only for sale or abandoned which you have no idea who owns it because there was no contact number at the gate. And the neighbors there too have no idea where to find the owner.

Yesterday morning I went to Skyline Phase III. I was at a sari sari store asking some idlers there if they knew of some houses for rent in that village. They said they knew nothing about houses for rent. And this old lady asked me how much was my budget. I said ahmmm 5 to 6 thousand maybe?

So she went in to her house, got a key, and I accompany her to the house she was talking about. Great, I thought. Finally I have found one.

But not yet because she said the owner of the house is her daughter who is working in Canada, and that she would have to ask permission from her first before I can rent the house. I said, well, okay that’s fine.

And so I have to wait for that time if the daughter approves it. But I can’t wait. I need the house desperately since my fiancee will be coming home in a few weeks. I will have to apply for Internet connection and all that.

So if you have information about where to find a house for rent in Catalunan Grande, please leave at the comment section below. Please please please. Thanks a lot! 🙂

Pasensya nah sa grammar ha? Nagmamadali kasi me eh. hehe

Oh by the way, the next contest will be posted on my next post. Sorry guys, just thinking about what kind of contest. Ayt? Thanks! 🙂

[Image sources: sweetclipart.com

Deca Homes Image]

UPDATE: May 10, 2013, 6:54 am

I should have done this a month ago, on April 5, the exact time I’ve found a house finally. But better late than never. So this is the house that we are renting today. It is located in South Villa.

I pay 5,000 Pesos a month for this. This house has 2 bedrooms, one bathroom (with shower, French windows, red tile floor, and a huge garden area outside. Wanna visit my house? Just call me maybe. hehe. Woooot! 🙂

Our house at South Villa

UPDATE: 03/03/2014:

Check out this page for the updated available houses for rent in Davao City.


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  1. Cary Bertoncini

    Hi – do you want a neighbor? I will be moving to Davao in mid to late July to join my wife there. We need a place just like yours! Any leads would be greatly appreciated 🙂



    • Wow. That’s great to hear Cary! Sure I’ll find one for you here. Do you opt to buy a house or prefer to rent only? I’ll find one for you.

      Just keep in touch. I’ll contact you if I find one nice place here. Perhaps send you pictures.

      Thanks Cary for visiting my blog.

      Cheers! 🙂

  2. Chelo Lorise D. Lahora

    Hi, Im looking for a house for rent somewhere in skyline please

  3. jelbert robles

    hi hanap sana ako ng house na for rent yung sa mintal lang o kaya sa greenmeadows 3k to 5k budget. kindly text me pag meron #09097117544 smart thanks:)

  4. Do the guys here happen to know some real estate agents? Or those whom we can contact who knows houses for rent near Bajada. The villages in Bacaca would be ideal.

  5. Jenyber Aspera

    Hello naghahanap po kami ng house for rent 3k to 5k ang budget, may ma recommend po kayo matina lng banda or Maa?

  6. Hello po,good pm
    May alam po ba kayong house for rent in mintal area or in elenita height budget 5k only.

  7. Hi I’m looking for a house for sale in Mintal Relocation, davao city. My budget around 250k – 500k with a clean title.

  8. Good day. I’m looking for a house for rent somewhere in tugbok, mintal uraya, ulas, puan, bago gallera, or toril area.. 4-5k per month budget. Yung pwede po lipatan agad. Tnx 09309010882

  9. Good day,
    I am looking for house or apartment for rent.
    4-5k budget ko, balak kong lumipat by last week of March.
    Downtown location Po sana Yung malapit lang sa Victoria plaza, you can contact me if ever meron 09282646827 thanks.

  10. Hello po, pwede po ask if may available kau house or apartment for rent malapit sa downtown lang po..

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