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Here’s Vice Mayor Paolo ‘Pulong’ Duterte’s post in Facebook about University of the Philippines’s offer to his father President Duterte an Honorary Doctorate Degree.

The offer to PRRD was given by the Board of Regents (BOR), UP’s highest policy making body.

Here is Pulong’s message:

“Growing up, we were taught by our father of the value of education. That is why we really strive hard to get a degree no matter what.

But aside from getting a degree, our father also inculcated in us that knowledge and wisdom must go hand in hand with the degree.

Meaning, whatever level of education we achieve, the level of knowledge and wisdom we gain must also be at par or even higher.

Given that and knowing my father, he does not give a heck with any “honorary degree” simply because he knows he did not worked hard for such a degree.

All throughout the years of his public life, President Rodrigo Duterte has always shied away from public recognition.

He has always been a simple man, satisfied with what he have and works hard to make a difference not just for his family but for the Dabawenyos and now the Filipino nation.

Being elected as president is enough recognition. No other recognition or honorary degrees could eclipse that.
To the so-called learned individuals who frown upon the plan of the University of the Philippines to grant an honorary doctorate degree to the President, you can have that honorary degree for all we care.

Our family though thank the UP Board of Regents for even considering our father. Pero ok na akong papa as being the President of the Republic of the Philippines.”

{Source: Facebook}


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